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Hey, glad you like the game!

Well, if you got 2% you have missed one thing. ;)

This number doesn't really mean much right now anyway though and does not represent the final amount of items in the game.

Yes, it took a bit longer than 3 years, let's just say it went something like this:

Everyone was killed before they woke her up and she was left in there for quite a while until a failsafe kicked in on the cryotank.

That was the initial idea at least.

The story isn't completely finished/thought out yet so let's just say it went something like that.

The cutscenes are kinda rushed at the moment and I'm probably going to improve them later on.

It was supposed to show her taking off the clothes to step into the cryotank, that's why the jeans and shirt are not present.

At first, the non-suit part was supposed to only be in the facility, but I thought that was too short so I decided to let the planet just have breathable air. Therefore there are a bit more "naked" parts than originally intended but that's just how it is I guess.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback! :)

Oh? Well, I played through the game a second time, but sadly was unable to go back to the first section (the one with the coolant explosion), and I had searched everywhere I could before and after getting the suit, so it seems I missed something :p

Eh? I thought they were just sending out one agent, not a whole battalion of soldiers/scientists; so perhaps she had woken up inside the spaceship she was travelling on, which had crash landed on the planet Zordak?

Yep, you missed something. I don't really want to spoil anything so that's all I'll say about that. :)

They did send just one agent, there was already a facility on the planet with people working.

But I get what you mean, it makes less sense the more I think about it.

Like why were there no guards? Or maybe there was and they're dead?

I mean, I could leave these things up to the imagination aswell. It's also a game, everything doesn't have to make sense.

I'm not really great with making up a story but I needed the game to have something other than just dropping the player in some random place.

Also, about the ship part, it was going to be a crashed ship on the planet before I even made the facility but I decided to make it a facility instead.

Thanks for the feedback once again. :)

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Fair enough; I too would like to find said object unless I really need your help :D

Ah, I see. Perhaps they were conducting some field exploration and testing when they came under attack, or they were slowly infected/infiltrated by the organisms living in the caverns?

Anyhow, the scene where she's going down the lift (after switching out of her clothes) could hardly be seen as it was rather dark, but the video made by Cryptid Hybrid on YouTube on the 15th of July seems to show that scene clearly (this observation was for the demo you had put up on Monday, so I'll be checking it again and playing through your latest demo just to be sure).

I look forward to playing the full game once it's out, and I will see if I can get the 3rd object or not :)


Well, now I'm kinda interested in what items you mean, I can give you more hints if you contact me through a direct message (if such a thing exists on this site) or or :)

Yeah, the field exploration thing is something like what I was thinking.

I noticed that it was dark on another youtube video aswell, not really sure what is causing this but I'm guessing it has to do with shaders and graphics cards outputting different results.

Anyway, glad you seem to like the game! :)

Well, if I really can't find said item, I'll be sure to send an e-mail your way :)

As far as I've seen, there's no method to send a direct message to the recipient here on, though it would help a great deal :p

Great, you have one more possibility to explore for your game's plot :D

Well, glad to know I'm not the only one seeing that scene the same way too :)

You're welcome; your interest in this genre really shows :)

Also, it seems there will be 2 game jams to do with Metroid-likes in August, so I'll see what I can come up with :D


Yeah, I saw you sent an e-mail just now so I'm gonna respond to that.

And yes, more ideas are always good. :)

I've never been much for game jams myself, probably mostly because I feel like I barely have time to work on this game so there's no room for any jams and such. But I'm sure you can come up with something. :)

Yes, I had responded a short while ago with a screenshot of the map for your reference :)

Indeed; you might want to work out how the agent safely landed on Zordak while still in cryosleep, got placed inside the facility, and was only woken up after 196 years despite the lack of power and maintenance in the Facility, lest other people start picking holes in this game :p

The game jams I'm referring to have a longer time limit than the regular ones, so that means I'l have some time to prepare accordingly; anyhow, I usually come up with the idea and some of the mechanics for a game before I participate in a game jam, and I would adjust it according to the theme were necessary, so really, these game jams would start much earlier for me :D


I saw your new mail and responded there.

What I was thinking was that they landed there safely, transferred the cryotanks to the facility, then got attacked or something like that, the mission was supposed to be a standard survey job but since they got attacked noone woke her up from the cryotank so the failsafe kicked in 200 ish years later. And as can be seen, there is some power left since the doors work and wires are sparking. This might not make perfect sense, but then again, I'm not necessarily looking for perfect sense anyway. ;)

It doesn't really matter that much to me if people start picking holes in the story since it is not one of my main concerns with this game to be honest. Sure, I want it to have some story but the main focus is atmosphere and exploration.

Ah, I see what you mean about the game jams, well, best of luck to you then. :)

I've just responded to that mail :D

Anyhow, you did say she was travelling alone, and that she was supposed to wake up once she got to Zordak, unless they had other plans and didn't want her disrupting their research, so they put here away, only to get ambushed and died thereafter (though their corpses still look fresh, so there's that little wrinkle as well).

Anyhow, it's your game, so you get to decide how it's run, both in terms of story as well as the mechanics :)

Thank you for the well wishes, friend :)