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I've just responded to that mail :D

Anyhow, you did say she was travelling alone, and that she was supposed to wake up once she got to Zordak, unless they had other plans and didn't want her disrupting their research, so they put here away, only to get ambushed and died thereafter (though their corpses still look fresh, so there's that little wrinkle as well).

Anyhow, it's your game, so you get to decide how it's run, both in terms of story as well as the mechanics :)

Thank you for the well wishes, friend :)


Well, yep you definitely got me there on the corpses, can't really explain that other than atmospheric differences that make decaying take longer but that is probably stretching it too much. ;)

And yeah, the traveling alone part can only be explained by self-landing ships and the workers there moved her to the facility but that is also a bit stretchy.

So, there will be plotholes but as I said I don't really mind it that much. :) Also, responded to the new mail. :P


Well, I trust that you know what you're doing, so I'll leave you to it :)

I've responded to that mail as well, and look forward to playing the new demo :D