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Glad you like what you see. ;)

I guess I could look into getting a discord server, I'm not that into how all that will work but I'll add it to the list.

If/when there is one available I'll be writing about it in a devlog / twitter and adding the link here to the main page.

And if there is a good way to post stuff like devlogs on said discord server, I will be starting to post the devlogs there as well.

Thanks for the feedback. :)

Thanks for that dependency check tip, had no idea you could do something like that.

I'll be updating the dependency script at some point with libssl added.

I don't know much about linux as mentioned in the readme file. ;)

I'll add the sprite suggestion to the list for whenever I decide to update the non suit sprites again.

Yeah, I think I'll probably add something like that for the oxygen actually, so thanks for the suggestion.

And yes, aiming straight up and shooting will sometimes hit the wall if standing too close, this will be fixed at some point when I decide to update the suit sprites.

I'm not really hiding the fact that I'm taking a lot from super metroid, I'm also not just trying to copy it which the people who actually play it will see.

The demo is also intentionally restricted with a bunch of closed off areas and only certain items available, which happens to be items pretty identical to super metroid, this may be a mistake on my part but it is what it is.

I'm just trying to make a game that is super metroid and not super metroid at the same time.

But yeah... I mean, it doesn't matter what I do.. some people will always call it a clone or simply complain about pointless things.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback and linux help. :)

Yeah, that's pretty much what I feel like I need to do right now, recharge my batteries a bit.

Thanks for playing the demo and I'm glad to have your support. :)

Yeah, I will play it at some point if I feel like I have the time and/or want to. :)

I tried experimenting a bit with some extra jump momentum, didn't really work out this time but I will try again later with a better method.

I did add some extra horizontal speed to ledge grab jumping though so at least that worked out.

We'll see what happens regarding your idea(s). ;)

I may take a look at the quake soundtrack if I remember later.

Thanks for subscribing, I mostly use the youtube for posting my speedruns right now though.

But when/if I start making videos about the game, I will be posting them there.

Ah, well I see how someone could take fusion as a reference then.

And yeah, I know, I should probably play through it at some point, sooner rather than later.

Okay so.. pretty sure I think I know what you mean now with the jumping.

Basically you want more momentum/less "air" friction allowing for longer jumps depending on speed, something like that right?

I don't know off the top of my head right now if that actually exists already and if it does, it has a very small impact at this moment.

I'll look into experimenting with some more jumping momentum at some point.

You don't necessarily need to use twitter, I just have my email there for now to hopefully reduce spambots picking it up.

(not sure if this actually works or not though)

So if you need to send any private message, my email is listed there.

Yeah, Doom was one of my first games as well, didn't play as much Quake though but it is still good as mentioned earlier.

This time your explanation worked better I think, assuming I got it right, otherwise I'm completely lost. ;)

Thanks for trying the demo. :)

So.. yes, I'm basically trying to make super metroid but not super metroid at the same time, more things will likely change at a later point in time to differentiate the games more but it will always look / feel like super metroid.

Just wanted to give some more clarity on that subject.

Atmosphere is a pretty big deal for me which you've probably noticed. ;)

Yep, you're pretty much correct about the oxygen part.

I've gotten this comment about the boss a couple of times now, regarding that the flies do not drop enough stuff, so this will be addressed at some point.

I may look into the boss health as well since I know the fight can get long if it gives you the wrong patterns.

And you're pretty much right about the missiles as well, I don't want the player to have a large amount of missiles (ie: be overpowered) therefore the upgrade(s) only add 2 to maximum missiles.

Which in turn will hopefully force the player to use the standard beam weapon more later.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback and glad you like the game. :)

Left a comment on youtube, thanks for the video. ;)

I have not begun changing any sprites yet, in fact, I have not really started working yet either, only started watching gameplay videos and replying to comments.

So no, your reply was not too late. ;)

I'm glad that was the experience you had with the game as that is basically the feeling I'm trying to recreate.

It's probably the same comment thread and no, I'm not really worked up about it.

It's just a bit annoying when they keep spreading false information though.

So I take it there's a station in fusion also called "Station X"?

I just couldn't come up with anything better at the time so that's the name it got.

And yeah, I should probably play through fusion for real at some point.

The ledge grab option should be there or something is wrong but yeah, as I said before, it might become the default later anyway.

I kinda see what you mean with the running and jumping thing and kinda don't at the same time but it will probably be improved at some point, either accidentally or intentionally. ;)

Same with the crouching, you should already be able to crouch on the move unless I'm misunderstanding something here.

Well, we will see if any part of your idea makes it into the game, not giving any promises or anything. ^^

My email is visible on my twitter:

That would probably be the best way to contact me privately if needed.

I played Doom more than Quake back then but I still think Quake is good. ;)

Anyway, thanks again for the reply, I tried to respond to most things but as stated before, I didn't 100% get what you mean with the jumping and crouching parts. ^^

Commented on youtube, thanks for the video. ;)

Thanks for trying the demo and glad you like it. :)

There is actually an option in the gameplay options that removes this behaviour. When that setting is enabled then left/right no longer lets go off ledge grab. This setting may be turned on by default some time in the future.

Thanks for the feedback! ;)

First of all, thanks a lot for this extensive comment!

Let's see here, this will probably be a giant reply as well and I'll try to comment on most of what you said.

Let's just start with addressing all the "player is naked, physics, etc" comments as I've read plenty of them.

The reasoning for the player being in her underwear is that I've always seen it like you have to be basically naked in a cryotank and I obviously couldn't make her completely naked so I had to go with some middle ground.

Being basically naked also makes you feel more helpless which is exactly what I was going for.

I could of course have made it into something like a swimming suit or whatever but I did not think of that until people started commenting about it so it is what it is.

As for the "jiggle physics" as people usually comment, I don't know what people expect there, it's literally like 4 pixels moving 1 pixel up and down just to add more dynamic to the animation. It only makes sense for things to move there, otherwise it would just be completely static around the chest and that would probably look worse.

So this is not really going to change.. at most I might redo the sprites for the 500th time and make it a sort of swimming suit but that will probably not happen any time soon.

I'm not taking a stab at you here or anything, just trying to explain why it is how it is.

You just can't really win when it comes to things like this, if you fix that thing then something else is wrong and it goes on forever.

As for the "clone" comments and such, Super Metroid is one of my most favorite games ever so of course I'm going to make it as close as possible to that game, so people calling it a clone or whatever is not really surprising to me. Yes, I may have gone a bit too far in a lot of cases but I've been trying to add some more "me" or however you should call it, into those things. I'm still trying to move more towards "me" and will continue to do so until the game is done. One comment in particular was a bit annoying since it is flat out wrong, the one about me tracing SM graphics, all of the graphics have been made from scratch, they are not even the same size as in SM, pretty much half the size actually. Of course I've looked at SM sprites and used them as references though, that only makes sense when you want to make a very similar game. I also have plans to rework the suit at some point to make it look less like the SM one as well. I don't know what else to say about this.

Oh, one thing though, when people compare it to metroid fusion, funny thing is... I've never *really* played that game, maybe a tiny bit many years ago. I have *seen* most of it though from streams and such but never really played it.

About the gore and such, I won't say much, but unless something changes along the way, then there is a reason the dead bodies and such exist.

Ok, now that that is out of the way let's get to the gameplay comments:

Item Pickups: I have gotten this comment before about the boss enemies, seems like there is still some tweaking to do there.

Crouching: I get what people are saying, I know it's not the usual type of crouch, it should probably be a crawl, the problem I have here is that if it was a crawl it would look like you could go through 1 tile gaps which should not be possible. But it is still on the long term list to possibly convert it into some kind of crawl, I'm just not sure yet how to solve this.

Jumping: Not sure how to solve the "up" room transition any other way than it is right now, this is probably something everyone has to get used to.

The left/right wall jump actually has a setting in the gameplay options right now which removes this behaviour, left/right no longer let's go off ledge grab with this enabled, this setting might be turned on by default later at some point.

And yes, you are pretty much correct about the missing animation, technically there's no missing animation but I have plans to possibly add a wall kick like animation for ledge grab jumps, with possibly some more horizontal speed added to make it feel like a stronger/longer jump.

Control Fluidity: I'm not sure what people mean here as I've gotten some similar comments before, some player states like turning/transitions lock player input for a tiny moment, I suppose this is what people may be referring to. It could also be controller stick sensitivity and deadzone setting issues if one were to use the stick for movement, otherwise those should have no effect. Other than these things, I don't really know what to do here. I play 95% of the time on keyboard so controllers have not been as thoroughly tested.

Collision Detection When Shooting: This is known and will be fixed at some point, probably after I rework the suit a bit.

Sounds In General: Most of the current sounds will be reworked later at some point, same with the music so expect this to change.

Okay so let me just straight up say this right away:

There will be no morph ball in this game.

There is already an upgrade in the game intended to replace this.

Your idea is not bad however, probably more interesting that what is actually in the game right now and it definitely sounds like something that could be in a game like this. But now that you've already told me this, it unfortunately makes this less interesting for me to add, mostly because you or anyone else reading this will know about it. Sure, it would get spoiled on day one anyway but you probably know what I mean. I do have some other things planned though and unless things change in the future then there will hopefully be some more interesting stuff happening later. If I find any use of your idea for other things though then I may choose to add something similar/related to that. ;)

As for the choice of male or female character, this is probably not going to happen, mostly because it would involve even more work and as you said, it really shouldn't matter.

This is one of the best types of feedback so it's no problem that it is a lot as it helps me improve the game in multiple aspects.

And yes, the game has a lot of "inspiration" from super metroid, some almost straight up copying, I'm not hiding these facts. Bottom line is: I'm just trying to make super metroid but not super metroid at the same time.

Sorry it took a couple of days to respond to this, I pretty much took a break from working on this last week so I chose to not respond to most comments during this time as well.

Anyway, hope you like the final product when it is done and thanks a lot for the feedback. :)

If I missed anything you said in this post then just tell me again in a reply or something, since the post was quite big.

And also, now I will just feel bad if I get this wrong, you're referring to Mega Man and Quake with the blaster and quad comment right? ;) I didn't even think of this until you said it.

No problem.;)

I'm not quite sure where the down arrow issue is as this control scheme should not exist but I will look into it at some point to try and fix it.

Okay, this helped me better understand the control config issue.

So what I think is happening is:

You are pressing buttons on the controller, which in turn activates the input in game, but then JoyToKey converts that input to a keyboard input, which in turn also activates in game causing a sort of loop and therefore switching control scheme between controller and keyboard since they are separate.

That's the only explanation I have for it switching control schemes by itself without your input.

So the solution(s) would be:

1. Since the game detects the controller then just use the controller without JoyToKey and bind everything in game, this is of course if the game actually understands the SNES controller, I have no idea about that.

2. Disable controller detection completely with the mentioned "controller enabled" option, this should make it so the controller does nothing to the game and all inputs should be keyboard only, which in turn *SHOULD* make JoyToKey work.

I think I will add a message in the controls menu recommending people to disable controller detection if they are planning to use JoyToKey.

About the suggestion, if I'm not misunderstanding then that option basically already exists, but without the "stop moving" part, since there are dedicated buttons for aiming and not just using the directional keys.

Sure, music is pretty important but exactly as you said, it's not really a priority right now, the priority is actually finishing the game and fixing the most glaring bugs.

Yeah, that's what I thought, the font couldn't be THAT bad. ;) but as mentioned before, hopefully I will fix this issue when I add support for using a more standard font, not sure when this is coming though.

As for the graphics, my suggestion would be:

If the shaders are not auto disabled eg: shows a message that they are "not compiled" and the button does not accept input, then:

Try using the "Low" or "Medium" graphics preset with the "Frame Skip" option turned on in the "Display" options.

This might allow you to play the game with some graphical things turned on.

Also, to be honest here, I haven't really tested the game on Windows 7, but it should work the same as on Windows 10, all I know is there are definitely issues running it on Windows XP that's why I put Win 7 as Minimum Requirements. :)

Anyway, thanks for the extensive reply since it (hopefully) helped me find the cause of the control issues.

Also, it did not really seem like you were trolling me or whatever, you said what was wrong and that is what I expect from feedback. :)

(sorry again for the "wall of text" reply)

Thanks for trying the demo again. :)

Yeah sure.. everything can always be improved but the crouching is probably going to stay like this for now.

Not sure what you mean about the menu though.

Do you mean that there is something wrong with the inputs that cause the menu to not work correctly?

Or something similar to the previous comment here that bindings supposedly change on their own or not the way you tried to change them?

Or that inputs conflict with each other like the "down arrow is confirm" issue in the previous comment?

Or that the way it is organized can be a bit confusing?

Or the wording of the buttons is confusing?

Sorry for asking lots of questions but I really need to know more specifically what is wrong. :)

And finally, no, I don't have a realistic release date yet, the only thing I can say it: it is done when it is done.

Anyway, glad you like the update overall. :)

Hey, thanks for trying the demo.

So let's see here..

Music will be updated at some point, not sure when but likely closer to when the game is finished.

I can see how some letters could be hard to read with the game font, but not really how it would be completely unreadable. That being said however, I have plans for adding an option to use a standard font like Arial or the like in the future.

As for the control issues, never heard of or seen any of these. The control scheme you're talking about (down arrow to confirm etc) doesn't exist so something else is wrong here and I'd like to clarify that I'm not saying I don't believe you, this control scheme should not exist though (unless it's custom made). But this did make me realize one thing though: I should add restrictions for certain buttons so that you can't bind for example - "down arrow" to "confirm.

I haven't tested the game with JoyToKey so I will add that to the list in case JoyToKey does something weird to the game. I do not have a SNES controller either so this one I can't really test.

You should be able to aim diagonally up when standing still but as something seems wrong I understand it could be broken.

The game should also not swap controls around unless you bind them or change control scheme so no clue what could be going on here.

And finally, not sure what you mean about auto detection? If you mean controller detection there is an option for that called "Controller Enabled". (should probably rename this to controller detection)

Unless your computer can't compile or handle shaders for whatever reason then you might be able to play with those graphical things enabled. Using the "Frame Skip" option in the "Display" menu should help a lot with framerate issues, this does render the game in 30fps instead of 60fps however if this is something you do not desire. I have tried to optimize it to run it on weaker machines, still lots to do of course, but I can run it pretty decently on my very low end laptop using said frame skip option and low/medium graphics. This is where the minimum requirements listed on the game page comes from. This is on Windows however so if you're talking about Linux then I can't do as thorough testing since I only have a virtual machine available for that at this moment.

The character speed up thing is probably not going to change, I want the character to feel slower and honestly, a little bit clunky, not too much though of course.

The reason for having to go to the map and then pressing a button for the options menu is exactly that, buttons, there's not enough of them, I'm speaking in terms of using a controller since of course there are enough buttons on a keyboard, but if you're only using a controller then this seemed like the best way to do it ie: using less buttons. But if you have another idea, please let me know. Also, not sure what to do different about the efficiency part as this is just the same menu as the title screen menu, again, speaking in terms of using a controller so there's no mouse or such available here.

Sorry that there were too many issues for you to enjoy the game, I try to make it as enjoyable as possible for everyone but sometimes it just does not work.

Anyway, I tried to answer all the issues, if you have any suggestions and such please feel free to tell me.

(also, sorry for the giant reply) ;)

That's fine and all but I'm pretty sure he declined that suggestion as well. :P

Yeaaah... that's not going to happen. ;)

Thanks for the offer but yeah, well.. that opens up a whole other can of worms if I were to do something like that.

That would require me to hand over the entire source code to someone I do not know and that is not really something I'm up for.

Not that there's anything special about the code.

Don't take this the wrong way though, I have nothing against you or anything but I can't just trust a random person on the internet with something like that. :)

It would be so much better if I could just get hold of a mac myself, I'm going to be looking into finding one at some point, not sure when though.

There is no way for me to do this right now since I do not own a mac computer.

They are not really within my budget either unless I find a really cheap used one somewhere.

So for now the answer is no, sorry. :(

There is no way to donate or preorder right now.

I will be announcing it in a devlog post / on twitter and such if they become available. :)

Yep, that's where the idea came from. ;)

To explain a bit further on why it was removed:

This is the place most people got stuck and there was not enough feedback in the running animation to indicate you gaining speed.

In fact, you were barely gaining speed, all that had to happen was you being at maximum speed when running over the bridge.

This was a bit too confusing and the bridge also felt a bit pointless / unnecessary.

There are probably more issues but at least you got some more information now. :)

Hey, thanks for trying the demo.

Well, you're not actually stuck down there but I know what you mean.

So if you are planning to continue playing this is what you have to do:

Start running from the previous room to the left and you should be able to run over the bridge.

This area has been completely changed in a newer version as this was causing issues for some players, so the bridge thing no longer exists.

Demo has not been updated yet as you now know since you played it.

I have plans of updating the demo at some point to better reflect the current state of the game.

Anyway, glad you like the game even with these issues. :)

Added to the list in case I ever need it, thanks. :)

The game will more than likely be on Steam at some point.

I'm going to be posting a devlog about this some time in the future with a couple of questions and such, not sure when though.

So keep an eye out for that, then you would get more information and maybe you could give your opinion as well. :)

Okay well, the crouching issue may already be solved since there are so many changes in my current version compared to the demo.

Especially if you were playing with a controller and using the stick to move.

Otherwise we'll just have to see if I update the demo at some point.

I just need this game to be popular enough to not starve to death, but one can hope. ;)

Thanks for the good luck wishes. ^^

Yeah, I do get what you mean with adding actual notes, this is way more complicated than just cycling through predefined markers though.

If this were to be added I would have to make an on-screen keyboard and things like that for people using controller or if this ever gets ported to consoles.

There will more than likely be many other issues with this as well.

This is one reason why I went with the predefined icons approach since it was very easy to add and will be the same across all platforms.

So this is pretty likely not going to be added but I can put it on the list.

What I can do very easily however, is add more predefined icons.

Like for example, an icon that would indicate "too high" or "small gap" or things like that.

I'm open to any icon suggestions and adding many would not really be a problem.

I could just make it so you hold the button, cycle through icons with left/right/up/down and then placing it on release instead of just pressing the button to cycle through them.

Anyway, this reply got quite big so I'll stop here.

Thanks for the feedback, always appreciated even if said thing may or may not be added. :)

Thanks for trying the demo!

Not sure what you mean with the "stays stuck in this position" part though, there are only two things I can think of:

Either you are crouching or you fell too high causing a hard landing, but the hard landing one does not line up with the next part of what you said "and walks".

So I have to guess you are crouching, there are several issues with the crouching animation in terms of it looking a bit weird, which I've been trying to slowly improve upon.

If this is not what you mean then I'm not sure what it is.

There is no newsletter at this moment and to be honest I'm not 100% sure how and/or the best way to set one up either.

So right now the best way to keep up with the game is either here or on twitter:

Anyway, thanks for the feedback and glad you like the game! :)

If I ever get my hands on a mac computer then I will try to port it over.

They are not really within my budget right now so it will probably not happen in the near future, if at all.

That's the only answer I can give you at this moment. :)

Thanks, glad you like it. ;)

Yeah, that's because there actually was barely any speed difference, another reason this has been removed.

Glad you like the rest of the game though. :)

No problem, I always watch videos people make if I find them. :)

Assuming you used the controller stick for movement and not the D-pad.

There's a controller stick deadzone option in my current version, not sure if it's in the demo or not though.

I could separate left/right and up/down deadzones so one could have a low deadzone for movement and a high deadzone for crouch and standing up.

Thanks for the feedback. :)

Yeah, I know what you mean about the missile room, this has been made easier to spot in a newer version.

I might steal your idea with the lights though to make it even easier to spot. ;)

And that's pretty much how I want the game to feel like when it is done.

Thanks for trying the demo! :)

After watching the video I assume you mean that the crouch button is easy to press on accident.

Not sure what to do about that though.

And you are not stuck in that room, it's just a bit hard to see what to do in the demo version.

I have made it easier to see what to do in a newer version.

Thanks for trying the demo and making a video. :)

Hope you like the game. ^^

Yeah, as I mentioned before, I misunderstood the purpose of these filters. They have now been removed from the game. Thanks for the feedback anyway. :)

So, I think I may have misunderstood these filters. They might not actually be supposed to help with color blindness but are rather a simulation of color blindness. So I will most likely remove them later as they are more then likely completely useless for color blind people. Posting this here in case anyone reads who already knows this and is about to tell me.


So, I think I may have misunderstood these filters. They might not actually be supposed to help with color blindness but are rather a simulation of color blindness. So I will most likely remove them later as they are more then likely completely useless for color blind people. Posting this here in case anyone reads who already knows this and is about to tell me.

Sure, my email is shown here on my twitter profile:

(not posting it directly to reduce spambots picking it up)

Okay so.. This room has been reworked in future versions as it was causing problems for people and the bridge felt a bit pointless as well.

So here's what you have to do:

Start running from the previous room to the left and you should be able to run over the bridge.

Hey, thanks for taking a look at the game!

To be completely honest, I don't really have any plans for early access at this moment.

I'm more into the release when done method.

I'll take a look and see if I can make the missile room a bit easier to figure out, added to the to-do list. ;)

The marker on the map idea is a really good idea, I don't know how I didn't think of that already, definitely added to the list, thanks. :)

I'll add the resident evil map thing to the list as well and we'll see if I do anything with that.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the feedback and glad you like the game! ^^

Thanks, and will do. ^^