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Suggestions / Bug List for Future Reference:

Hotkey Suggestions

Missing and Mangled Characters (Shadowgate) / Mass Shape Selection

Sprite Grouping / Delete Key Function


Game Genie Support? / Save States

Missing Walls and Floors Bug (Blaster Master)

Masking Sprites in Certain Instances. Is it Possible?

Disappearing Sprites/Layers (Double Dragon II)

Suggested Mapper Addons:

- Mapper 232 for Codemaster Games like Quattro Adventure and Adventures of Dizzy

- Mapper 8 for A Boy and His Blob

You had mentioned that it would be easier for people to keep track of suggestions in this thread, so I put links to all of our discussions here.

If you accidently set something to zero, use the Nav buttons to get back to the sprite since you can no longer click on it. I've had it happen quite a few times, so I know how frustrating it is.

That's awesome to know. Thanks! I've done it 3 times and just thought they were gone forever and you had to start over.

I think you can still select it, you will notice the change in parameters, nothing will be displayed though.

You're right. You can still select it by clicking, but I find it easier using the nav buttons. It can be difficult to select the missing sprite if there's another sprite right behind it. At least I had that problem with River City Ransom a few times.

Yeah. Until you've been using it about 25 hours and really start getting the trick to it, it's hard selecting very visible pieces. I've put at least 25 hours into working on the emulator so far and i still find myself clicking 15 times to select a specific piece if it's smaller and surrounded by larger pieces.

I can't even really explain why I'm much better at that now. You just get a feel for exactly where the emulator wants you to click to highlight a specific piece based off of what angle you're looking at it from. It's definately much easier to use Cherkov's navigation method.