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Current version available is rather prototype. After long time I got how to land. But after all I couldn't play much. There is no possibility to move the ship to another planet. After a "month" of lightspeed journey  the game slowed down and stopped and nothing happen any more. No planet, no journey, nothing.
I downloaded most updated version of Java plus Stardust without JAVA.

Thanks for your reply :) I've heard from one other, that there's a problem with the hyperjump to other planets. I'm looking into it.

That's odd.. the game worked fine here.

I have double checked: I can't move even to closer planets (first checked other solar system). Which version are you using? With java or without it?


Hi kartezjusz2009, I'll soon upload a new version which dumps logged information to a file. Hopefully this can help in solving your issue.

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Hi Kartezjusz2009 - Could you please download the latest version and try the hyperjump again?

Now the problem is solved. I finally can jump anywhere in range. Also generating world is much faster (few seconds instead of minute). Progress! :)

Now I have question about any missions or other way to gain money: how to do that?
Buying and selling resources is not very efficient (in the beginning) and I have to remember all the prices I used. I remember that in Port Royale games you had "mean price of owning wares" that helped to sell something with profit.

Anyway, great game!


Great to hear it has solved your problem!! PHEW! Missions aren't done yet - Mostly just a testing placeholder for now. But later on, you'll have plenty of different missions to help you earn a lot of cash. The idea (and as it was in the original Elite) is that you have to start small and grow bigger and bigger, by buying low and selling high. You can also change your ship to one with a bigger compartement hull (at a lower speed) to be able to buy more at once.