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This won't run on Windows 10, but does on my Window 7 desktop. Nice graphics, slightly obscure gameplay. I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to be doing in the game ... is it just a maze that I have to get through alive? Do I get weapons at some point to use against the red blocks?

Hey sorry for the long response time, I'll look into the Windows 10 issue but it was working fine on my machine which is running it. I ended up being really pushed for time which ended up with me rushing alot of the aspects, the end goal is just to survive as long as possible. Weapon upgrades were intended but I ran out of time :( Thankyou for playing!

For me it ran on Windows 10.

Red blocks often appear right next to you when you enter the room.

This was an issue in the pathing algorithm that I hadn't noticed until last minute, I'm working on a fix currently :)

It runs; I just didn't know how to force it to run when the "Windows protected you from an unknown app" message popped up. I got that figured out later; annoying that it does that and it's not obvious how to make it run regardless.

I'm pretty sure that's your security settings rather than an issue in the game, I'll look into it though

Probably. It only does that for some of the games, though; some it just plays with no problems. Not sure why