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I can't confirm, just going off my experience sorry!

Just so you know the game goes about 200mph on my computer, giving me no chance to read let alone comprehend what's going on. Your buttons look like Unity, if it is then it's as simple as adding "*Time.deltaTime" to your timers. If not I'd suggest looking for the time scale details for your engine of choice.

Great :D I worked on a new enemy system to hopefully make it steadily ramp up in difficulty and variety :D

Have you seen the new changes? I've taken the game in a more classic Zelda direction and stripped alot of the pure Isaac features. I'd love to see how you view it now :D

Hmm that's weird, what version and system?

Great to hear! I hope you enjoy the full game :D

Thankyou! I hope the full release lives up to expectations :D

Hey, it's a shame that some features annoyed you! There's a toggle being implimented currently for various visual effects so I'll be sure to add that to the list. The personality of the game is intended to be shown via the art style and music, is there anything you think I could do better to put that across?

Hey thankyou for the interest! I've subscribed, liked and I'll watch it soon! If you want to, feel free to post it in the Steam video section for a little more exposure :D

Thankyou!! There's many more monsters and variations on the way :D

Controller support isn't currently in the game, sorry!

Hey, thankyou for playing my demo! I'm glad you liked it and it really means alot having people make videos about it! I enjoyed watching and I've liked subscribed etc. :D

Sorry if I sounded dickish, my bad. It was a great effort

I definitely would have liked to make the item system more polished,  thankyou for your feedback!

Thankyou for the feedback! I really enjoyed working on this jam :D

It was still enjoyable to play, I'd recommend using free use music etc. if you're short on time.

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Nice visual effects, would have been nice to have some music. My only criticizm would be that there was no music, that could really have added to the enjoability :D By far one of the best entries!

EDIT: The enemies also phased into the background almost entirely, not sure if that was a concious choice but it was a tad annoying :/

Yeah for sure, the lack of variations was because I needed sleep and I'd been leaving that until the end. My bad. Thankyou for the feedback!

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I was definitely running at 60 fps, are you sure there isn't any deceleration time etc.? It felt like it seemed like the player didn't instantly stop/start movement.

I wasn't criticising the difficulty, I was saying the bug with the camera makes it nearly impossibles due to resetting every few seconds.

Overall really fun game! The parelax scrolling was a nice touch and the sound effects made the game feel alive! I loved the boss design aswell :)

The movement was way too jerky, the camera view made everything hard to see and honestly it didn't feel engaging or fun to play :(

I really liked the way you used the tile set, very creative. The upgrade menu was nice but I would have liked to see information on what the various things do (besides the basic e.g. armour).

The gameplay was what let the game down in my opinion, I couldn’t go 10 seconds without being ploughed into and getting stuck spinning until I fell off the map. I think the concept works but probably needed more time to balance it all.

Overall really good effort, the game has potential and I’d love to see a post-jam version of this game!

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The game was fun, the Witches seem like they have too much health, as in killing them didn't feel engaging it was more like a grind. It would have been nice to have the fire animated aswell.

Aside from that it was a really fun little game :) Well done!

EDIT: I also loved the shadow mechanic, very unique and enjoyable to play about with!

When the player moves upwards then falls down onto what should be a platform the player dies, this made the level essentially impossible. Sometimes block collisions seem to be non-existent. Movement feels like it has a delay on it, makes navigation unnecessarily difficult. The enemies move behind the green blocks leaving the player to figure out where they are based on a pixel or two below the blocks.

The way you used the graphics was nice, the sight motion on the characters also made them feel a lot better.

Overall if the controls were tighter and more responsive the game would be much better, still a good attempt though 😊

I'm working on that now! Thankyou for the feedback, the game is being made for a game jam so it hasnt had much development time and was made using a competiton tileset (hence mario). I hope you enjoyed it :)

Yeah the gameplay isnt anywhere near what I wanted, hopefully next time goes better!

Sorry to hear that! I agree not having those things hurt the game alot, sadly there were alot of holdups in the development so they all ended up unfinished :(

Yeah for sure, thankyou for the feedback :D

I'm pretty sure that's your security settings rather than an issue in the game, I'll look into it though

As others have said the game is very laggy, however I still enjoyed it and thought it was a good concept that stuck to the theme perfectly. The powerups were good but could have done with a few effects to show them better. Overall I enjoyed it but it could have done with some sound/particles.

Great effort guys! Good luck in the jam :D

Very nice graphics, gave me a nazi zombies vibe while playing. By far the most fun game I've played so far! I didn't find any bugs that haven't already been mentioned and I thoroughly enjoyed the game. Amazing job guys.

I really like how the neon style turned out aswell, I wish I'd had more time to add the things you suggested as they would add alot. I'm going to be taking all the feedback from the jam and releasing a post-jam version with finished mechanics (hopefully) and more enemies and bosses

This was an issue in the pathing algorithm that I hadn't noticed until last minute, I'm working on a fix currently :)

Hey sorry for the long response time, I'll look into the Windows 10 issue but it was working fine on my machine which is running it. I ended up being really pushed for time which ended up with me rushing alot of the aspects, the end goal is just to survive as long as possible. Weapon upgrades were intended but I ran out of time :( Thankyou for playing!