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Thanks for featuring it! Sorry for the late reply. 

Probably. It only does that for some of the games, though; some it just plays with no problems. Not sure why

It runs; I just didn't know how to force it to run when the "Windows protected you from an unknown app" message popped up. I got that figured out later; annoying that it does that and it's not obvious how to make it run regardless.

Left mouse button. ;-) "Traditional" FPS controls

Ugh. No one's going to be able to play it if I don't have everything, lol. Just added that to the .zip as well. Next time I'll make sure to compile it to its own folder instead of just on the Desktop, so I don't overlook including stuff in the .zip. Thank you again for letting me know!

This won't run on Windows 10, but does on my Window 7 desktop. Nice graphics, slightly obscure gameplay. I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to be doing in the game ... is it just a maze that I have to get through alive? Do I get weapons at some point to use against the red blocks?

I like the idea and concept, but the controls were difficult. Did you have a mobile device in mind for this game? I think the controls might work better with a mobile device than a mouse. The graphics were good as well.

Fun, once I got it working on my laptop (better performance than on my desktop). The controls feel too sensitive for me, though; I had to make small, short movements in order to not overshoot my targets and miss.