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Trying to add things to this ;3.


hope you like this bruh ;3

Hey Chocko can I make use of this?

Of course you can!

Thanks Chocko. Anyway I can get in contact with you about the project I am working on?

Yeah, you can! Do you have discord? If you do, add me Schockolade#1306

I can not find you with this ID "Schockolade#1306"

Hi Chocko, can I use some of these in a RTS I've been working on for a while? Will credit you and 0x72. thanx as lot, these are awesome. 

off course you can! contact me so i can speak with you more... if you have a discord my name in it is Schockolade#1306 or, you can contact me via twitter (

Amazing! I especially like 6 big fellows and the bat with so many teeth.

Hi again Chocko! Do you mind if I link to this comment in the description?

Of course you can!