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Thank you for playing and thanks especially for posting.

Definitely going to think about everything you've written. I've actually been working on CW the last few days (and enjoying it). I think I've already fixed the tute bug you mentioned.

Corpses as a resource: yes I should run with that. Currently you can make your heaviest tank unit out of flesh. Brains are used for food by ghouls (which are rare, or did I even take them out entirely?) and hungry dwarves which I never play with. Brains also makes life essence which upgrades your wizard's spells. I've recently added turning life essence into spawner skulls - so if there is no spawner rock(marble) nearby then there is still a way to make barracks.

I definitely need to expand on the wizard spells & maybe provide alternate wizards with different abilities to play the game with.

Currently working mostly on the random maps: including adding a 'clear path to portal' challenge option: where you don't start hidden: you start with invaders spawning almost immediately - that's spiced it up a bit.

That's the idea for euo people: to have fun revisiting yr fav dungeons but as a daggy old FPS.

Also glad you got scared by headlesses. They should scare you. I personally did the voices for them ;)

Don't be surprised if there are updates. Thanks for posting.

I am extremely glad you found the headlesses terrifying.

Thanks keighn,

as with all projects, if I had infinite time and patience and enthusiasm I would put more things in like more mobs, maps, interactivity, save slots, difficulty settings, etc etc. But I wanted to get something wrapped up and shipped. I reckon this took about 4 months full time. If I spent another 20 years part time on it then it might be as amazing as EUO, eh

Thanks for playing and posting, it's much appreciated!

If you think it's too short it's easy to make more levels - it just uses EUO's maped. Making mobs and more weapons is more work, of course. 

I would have put more EUO's levels in but most don't work that well out of the box - most of whats in there needed refinement & tweaking.

Anyway thanks for palying and posting, much appreciated!

thank you, it means a lot!

thank you for playing and posting

Latest version (just posted) no longer requires stockpiles to be all adjacent to each other.

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Thanks for playing & posting! It did start off as a DF lite but somehow some moba elements crept in, and I'm happy with that.

I will take a look at stockpiles - in most of my testing I just made one big stockpile and no further ones, so haven't looked at additional stockpiles in a while.

sorry, single player only (atm)

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Hey, using a few of your monsters from this set, and some variants that I made of them, in my RTS Crypt Wizard

thank you very much !


glad you liked it !

glad you were amused :)

Hi Chocko, can I use some of these in a RTS I've been working on for a while? Will credit you and 0x72. thanx as lot, these are awesome.