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Lol, i tought that was the solution you've planned!

Did it :D

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Hey there! Can i contact you somehow? I really liked your art-style, and wanted to talk with you.

off course you can! contact me so i can speak with you more... if you have a discord my name in it is Schockolade#1306 or, you can contact me via twitter (

Of course you can!

 Tried to add a giant spider and a spiderling in three variations... (Character to compare the size of the spiders) Hope you like it!

Yeah, you can! Do you have discord? If you do, add me Schockolade#1306

Of course you can!

Thank bro!

I love how you make your art, and i kinda want to do a game with it... Could you do a lizardfolk or dragonborn like monster? I really love this style, and i want to put'em in my game.

hope you like this bruh ;3

Trying to add things to this ;3.