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Hello! I'm glad to hear you're interested in the engine. Regarding the issue, I'll need some more details in order to troubleshoot it. What sort of objects were added, and were any scripts added or modified? Also, when the game starts, are there any errors in the external console window or in-game debug console (which can be opened with the ~\` key).  If you're using the desktop app, you'll need to launch RPG in a Box outside of the app in order to see the external console window.

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Thank you so much for quick reply! I've added new object with new script which I made earlier. What I noticed is that on the opening, where you see main menu and camera looking at bench, it's black. It's normal again if I delete my object. NEW GAME won't load game at all (loading screen forever). Console says nothing (no errors).

Script is like this: give item -> detach object (self), it's named "pick_up_item".

Later I made object and just selected this script file in properties. That's all. I have no idea what's wrong...

Would you mind zipping up your project files and posting it somewhere? I think I am going to need the project in order to troubleshoot the issue further. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Sure, I would be glad for solving the issue and help. There you go:

Thanks for posting the project! It seems to work okay when I launch it and start a new game without changing anything, so I'm not sure what is going on. I'll play around with it some more to see if I can recreate the new game issue. it works for you? I mean, you see that object that I placed (on the right from the house)? I can't run the game when I add something new, triet with different things, too :( When I delete things (objects) that I placed, it works just fine.

When the game starts, I see a blue object as shown in the GIF, and it gives me a potion when I interact with it.

So it's problem with my PC, not your engine, or something? :( Argghhh... I have no luck.

Apologies for the issues! I'm not sure why there would be a difference between PCs in this scenario, especially if the sample game runs okay without making any changes. And you said that there are no errors at all in the external console window when the black screen occurs?

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Totally, no errors on console log. And this is not exactly black screen, there is "loading" icon on the center, but it's loading forever. Also in main menu there is only menu visible, no background render (that bench and windows). Looks can't be rendered? I dunno. Funny is that when I delete that object I placed earlier, everything works again.