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hey I cant find the sprite list is it possible if you can post a link?

Added the link to the post. It was included in the text document all along though.

oh okay thank

also I think you forgot to put in the fire effects because I cant find them


It's probably sprTrapFire. There's nothing forgotten - that is a list of sprites in exact order that they were stored in. I have only attempted to deduct the original categorization.

ohhhh okay im just really confused

also you said it was in the text document but when i looked at the NuclearThroneTogether but I didn't see it so which one are you talking about?

From the text document:

/loadsprite [sprite name] [file name]
	Replaces the given sprite with file' contents.
	Files should reside in "images" subdirectory of the game.
	File names can have `_stripN` or `[N]` suffix to denote the number of frames included.
	For list of modifiable sprites, see

Can you do this with code?

Do what in particular?

Just edit the stuff. Just to mess around with NT

Not unless you are willing to spend quite a while poking file formats apart to figure out how to do this or that.