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Added the link to the post. It was included in the text document all along though.

oh okay thank

also I think you forgot to put in the fire effects because I cant find them


It's probably sprTrapFire. There's nothing forgotten - that is a list of sprites in exact order that they were stored in. I have only attempted to deduct the original categorization.

ohhhh okay im just really confused

also you said it was in the text document but when i looked at the NuclearThroneTogether but I didn't see it so which one are you talking about?

From the text document:

/loadsprite [sprite name] [file name]
	Replaces the given sprite with file' contents.
	Files should reside in "images" subdirectory of the game.
	File names can have `_stripN` or `[N]` suffix to denote the number of frames included.
	For list of modifiable sprites, see