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Just edit the stuff. Just to mess around with NT

Can you do this with code?

Whenever I try to launch it, it says



action number 1

of Create Event

for object UberCont:

Error defining an external function.

Can you please send me all send me all the weapon ids? my email is runkletookle@gmail.com


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thank you very much, when I read the nuclear throne together.txt it's just a bunch of code for some reason

All the FAQ said was it shows more on the attched document, which does not exist.

Just tell me the command. When I put in /ultras it says "% (or /) is not a ultra mutation mode"

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my friend saw someone else do it with yv and yv, so i know its true

Created a new topic Ultra mutations

is there a command that you can type in to get thier regular ultra mutations?

Example: i am crystal and crystal i type in the command at the campfire and then later i get the crystal ultra mutations


BTW what are all the commands?

Created a new topic Can you save edit this?

I lost an item and I want it back, its a golden splinter gun.


How to you put in the textures for weapons

How do you save edit this mod?