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Wow, thank you very much, I am really happy you enjoyed it!! Regarding borders, they actually already exist, but only as invisible helper structures for the AI so far. So it would be fairly easy to try out how they look on the map. I have created a respective backlog item!

No problem, I'm only here too help. I hope the best for you.

(Sorry for writing here. Didn't know where to write.)

Hi! First of all, thanks for making this wonderful, yet simple game.

Though I believe that some newer elements could improve the game even more. For example, at some point, when it is the middle-end game of a large battle—there's simply too many redundant units. Instead, I was wondering if there was a way to leverage that. Like building a unit that takes longer turns, but doesn't attack and defend. And if it wasn't destroyed, then it could transform into a stationary tower-defense, or something.

Oh, right. I think that while it is nice to have a end-game summary chart that absolutely doesn't tell me something—like: what-the-heck is the 'odds'—I think simply being able to look at the rest of the foggy map would be nice, and would let us understand better. (Knowing that I built 67 Soldiers is absolutely not as significant, then knowing what would've happened if I did not win at that turn.

The game assume too much that we should know about concepts, such as: support? range support?

And the second point, that I could simply not grasp. Is that there were some games were I had an Artillery surrounded by Soldiers. And yet a random enemy unit had managed to break through. Theoretically speaking: my Soldier was a defensive unit, and he was surrounded by not only 2 other soldiers, but also covered by an Artillery right besides. The funny thing is, the enemy was only a single Soldier with a Cavalry unit. 

So, you see—that... I just absolutely don't get it. The only thing that comes to my mind is either there's a bug somewhere, or there's something unclear that I haven't understood about the support and range-support thing.

My poor-understanding of the support and range-support (that I assumed by myself), is that support boost the defense of an unit right besides the artillery, by 3. And range-support boost the attack of the defense of the unit, within the coverage by 2. Please, correct me if I am misunderstanding. Thanks.

I tried to look further into the details, but I just couldn't find any. There's no Faq or Guide, and the tutorial never explain about the 'support' thing. I did not lose the game... but the fact that I won without mastering the thing remove the strategic significance of this victory.

I hope that either someone could enlighten me, or guide me toward the 'right' answer. Thanks for creating this game. I look forward to a more 'complete' version.