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(Sorry for writing here. Didn't know where to write.)

Hi! First of all, thanks for making this wonderful, yet simple game.

Though I believe that some newer elements could improve the game even more. For example, at some point, when it is the middle-end game of a large battle—there's simply too many redundant units. Instead, I was wondering if there was a way to leverage that. Like building a unit that takes longer turns, but doesn't attack and defend. And if it wasn't destroyed, then it could transform into a stationary tower-defense, or something.

Oh, right. I think that while it is nice to have a end-game summary chart that absolutely doesn't tell me something—like: what-the-heck is the 'odds'—I think simply being able to look at the rest of the foggy map would be nice, and would let us understand better. (Knowing that I built 67 Soldiers is absolutely not as significant, then knowing what would've happened if I did not win at that turn.

The game assume too much that we should know about concepts, such as: support? range support?

And the second point, that I could simply not grasp. Is that there were some games were I had an Artillery surrounded by Soldiers. And yet a random enemy unit had managed to break through. Theoretically speaking: my Soldier was a defensive unit, and he was surrounded by not only 2 other soldiers, but also covered by an Artillery right besides. The funny thing is, the enemy was only a single Soldier with a Cavalry unit. 

So, you see—that... I just absolutely don't get it. The only thing that comes to my mind is either there's a bug somewhere, or there's something unclear that I haven't understood about the support and range-support thing.

My poor-understanding of the support and range-support (that I assumed by myself), is that support boost the defense of an unit right besides the artillery, by 3. And range-support boost the attack of the defense of the unit, within the coverage by 2. Please, correct me if I am misunderstanding. Thanks.

I tried to look further into the details, but I just couldn't find any. There's no Faq or Guide, and the tutorial never explain about the 'support' thing. I did not lose the game... but the fact that I won without mastering the thing remove the strategic significance of this victory.

I hope that either someone could enlighten me, or guide me toward the 'right' answer. Thanks for creating this game. I look forward to a more 'complete' version.