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Yes, there is certainly a lot of scope for a sequel. ^_^

But I know some people aren't as keen on sequels as they have their own ideas how they want the story to have progressed after they finished it, and I can understand that.

What I will probably do is finish the three games I am currently working on (Heaven's Grave, Best Friends Forever and short free game I haven't published the project page for yet). Then I will give people a choice to help me decide which project I will work on next, and a sequel to 'Rose' will be one of the choices. 


I'll try to be attentive to that ...
Where will you publish the news, in tweeter, tumblr, facebook?


I'll post it here and perhaps Facebook too. 

I'll definitely be voting for a sequel too, dying to see how you family handles your decisions, particularly your elopement with Bastien XD