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The reasons why I think you should do a sequel to this game, is because the story of the kingdom, the characters, and their relationships ...


6-Bastien: Last, but no less intersante. I liked his shy and responsible side, and as despite all that, he dared to marry the MC. Now that he is more "free", I would like to see how his relationship with the MC evolves, besides that I want to see the opinion of the father, and also see how he manages these two in the world.

5-Sofia: Her final was interesting, but I'm more interested in knowing how she, the MC, and Frederique, will keep the scam in the future. MC's mother will still try to marry her, and if Sofia and Frederique do not have children, people will suspect. Also, I would like MC to meet Sofia's family, who already know Sofia's tastes, and who will probably give them her blessing.

4-Guillaume: I liked the personality and sweetness of the prince, and like the MC, it helped him to stay firm in his convictions. Now that he and the MC, are going to be kings, I would like to see how they will face the previous King, all those who are against the peaceful ways of the prince and his wife that reminds a certain "tyrannical" queen, not to mention that now we know that there is still a rebellion going on, hidden somewhere in the kingdom.

3-Charlotte: I loved her final, the like this young chick that was only one that was only attributed to beauty as its only quality has matured to become a beautiful free bird, that when you decide to go to a place, there is no one who stop MC was a great influence for her, and thanks to them, MC convention to fly with her. I would like to see the adventures they have together abroad, in addition to the confrontation they will have with their families when they return, and not to mention the secret of the birth of Charlotte's beloved brother (And we don´t know that he thinks of his sister's elope , and as his family has communicated to him).

2-Leopold: I loved both his design and his personality, and the tragic history of his family, as well as his determination for revenge to create a better kingdom. In I would like to see how he and MC, create a rebellion (It should be possible not bloody), in addition that the family of the MC will be at first very against, and the King already suspects them. I want to see how they return to the throne room as King and Queen.(Although I will feel sorry for the prince, he is a good person)

1-Secret Romance: I would love to see that pair of lovers in a new world, fleeing their cages to be together, the dynamism of troublemakers, with good heads, who love each other first and foremost. It makes me wonder what kind of adventures they would have, what kind of people they would meet, if they would start a business or choose to move all the time, they would hide their ties and present themselves as lovers in order to get married, or it would be a secret romance wherever they went, and More importantly, they would meet people who would accept them and their relationship. (And if you add scenes of kisses, such as the possibility of children, both by adoption and natural, better)

It's so interesting that it would be a waste not to continue it, besides the opportunity to see more romance, history, and PASSION XD!


Yes, there is certainly a lot of scope for a sequel. ^_^

But I know some people aren't as keen on sequels as they have their own ideas how they want the story to have progressed after they finished it, and I can understand that.

What I will probably do is finish the three games I am currently working on (Heaven's Grave, Best Friends Forever and short free game I haven't published the project page for yet). Then I will give people a choice to help me decide which project I will work on next, and a sequel to 'Rose' will be one of the choices. 


I'll try to be attentive to that ...
Where will you publish the news, in tweeter, tumblr, facebook?


I'll post it here and perhaps Facebook too. 

I'll definitely be voting for a sequel too, dying to see how you family handles your decisions, particularly your elopement with Bastien XD