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It will have guide?


Honestly, I'm having a lot of fun with this conversation plus I'm really excited about what you're going to create.

If I'm not careful I can write long comments to you infinitely XD.

But I'll stop for our mental health and because this thread of comments is getting very long lol, but I'll leave you my twitter so you can send me DM if you want to hear more of my long comments or need the point of view of someone who has I've seen a lot of youkai anime and Japanese history (It's @Loka4v).

P.S (And this is the last thing, I swear): The Japanese at that time were a bit British, in the sense of classism, honor in following your role, that blood is what matters most, and super racist.

Basically, simply because Kyū is a "demon" it will be enough for hatred and suspicion, of course if Kyū were a god or a descendant of a god (Or the same if he was a renowned youkai) it would be another story, so I would make Kyū of a humble origin and that he had a conflictive or criminal past (Basically that he almost became a demon), and that should be enough for others to hate him.

Of course they wouldn't hate that he served Mairō since that would be a symbol of power and strength to the family and Mairō (There are many types of youkais, and some if you kill or subdue them, they are considered symbols of power for you, an example were the Tengu who are very competitive and if you beat them in a competition they rewarded you), but they would hate that Mairō treated Kyū well, respected him, and gave him privileges, since in their eyes "a servant (or dog) shouldn´t be respected or rewarded for being loyal and serving well since that is their role, rather they should be grateful to serve a renowned family like ours, that will give honor to their mediocre existence"...

Seriously, at that time everyone was very classist, what mattered most was your honor, blood, and family, in the sense that if you screwed up your whole family screwed up with you and if you succeeded your whole family triumphed with you (And if you succeeded but it was discovered that your family was poor or criminal, you lost all that success overnight lmao).

A good example was that if a criminal was caught and executed, their children were treated as if they themselves had committed said crimes, and it was expected that they would end up committing them too when they grew up (And of course if nobody help children or give them a work when they grew up, they would end up becoming criminals to survive, and the prophecy is fulfilled lol).

The case, don´t worry, it is very easy at that time to create problems so that Kyū isn´t accepted XD.

(By the way, sorry for the long comment, I really tried lmao)

Seriously, every comment makes me more excited about what you're going to do with this game <3.

And my advice is to do something like youkai, basically each youkai has different powers and there are some specific ones that are very powerful (probably the most feared or are prayed to as gods) but the coexistence between humans and youkai depends more on a harmonious tolerance and an "avoid each other", and when there is a bad youkai that kills humans, a "god" or a exorcist kills them, and the same if humans start killing or enslaving youkai for their interests, well maybe a "demon" kills all humans to protect defenseless youkai (And if you realize, this is a cycle which is the main reason why youkai and humans can't truly coexist with each other).

My headcanon would be that there is a codependency between youkais and humans, that youkais make the world easier to live in (ecological allegory) and on the other hand, youkais need humans to pray to them to become gods (or fear and become demons). ), but due to their differences and racism this coexistence is very difficult, and since there are a large number of humans, the youkai end up hiding more from the humans while the humans always use the victim card lol.

This is all suggestion and headcanon (I have taken all this from Inuyasha, Ao exorcist, and Dororo), whatever you decide I'm sure I'll love it<3.

Thanks for listening to my suggestion even though this story focuses on the relationship of Mairō, Kyū, and Mahiro.

Honestly, this story has a lot of potential and if you play your cards right in the way you write it and create the worldbuilding, you could do something amazing (at least in my humble opinion).

I like that the mother is initially cast as a "villain" from Mairō's point of view since for him, she and Mahiro are one of the main causes that he cannot live freely with Kyū, but when he begins to open up to Mahiro and open up his heart, he also begins to see things more clearly realizing that the mother is as much a victim of the situation as he is only that she doesn´t have her "Kyū" to cope with it (Of course all this is headcanon, if you decide to carry the story or relations to another address, I would love it anyway).

I have a question about worldbuilding: Will the wars be like Nobunaga (Basically region vs region) or country vs country or humans vs demons?

I really love fantasy worlds, so I love that Kyū is a demon<3.

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Will we also know things about the mother? (Assuming she's not bad and just a victim of a very strict society)

It will have a happy ending?

Sorry, but I don't know Russian XD

I recommend that you translate it into the world's best-known languages, it always helps to advertise<3

Where can I read doctor Shihong or buy it?

I loved the game<3

I loved how you have deepened the relationship between Snow White and the Prince and you have made it 10,000 times more romantic<3<3.

I have loved how you have shown the Prince's anguish between wanting to wake up her beloved Snow White but afraid of failing her in the process for betraying what initially makes their relationship so special for both<3<3<3.

And the ending has been absolutely beautiful, because you have shown a sense of intimacy and consensuality that is always lacking in the end of stories with the "eternal love kiss", when she wakes up for something intimate between them that only both of them know and means so much for them they have shown what true love really is and I applaud you for it<3<3<3<3.

PS: The art is beautiful, and Snow White's eyes upon awakening have felt more beautiful and full of love with the whole environment, and the Prince's voice has my applause (^///^).

P.D: Personally I'm not an ace, but I agree that how society forces things to "how relationships should be" what they actually do is ruin relationships and happiness of people who were initially happy on their own.

Sorry, I explained myself badly.

I already bought the artwork (And I loved it by the way <3), and I was wondering if we will see more of Patricia in the FUTURE.

Will we see more of Patricia?

It's great as a prologue to something much bigger <3.

It makes you want to explore the world and the story of Kyu and Mairo and their relationship, how they ended up in this desperate situation, the mother's point of view (I know that this being a BL it is likely that she is an antagonist, but having considering how little agency women had at that time I feel more sorry for her), and how Mairo really feels for Mahiro (Call me naive but I refuse to believe that a father can hate such an adorable child) <3.

And knowing the future of this unhappy family, will they end up separating and each for their own while leaving the child in charge of everything? Or will they talk things out and come to a compromise to make life easier?

Honestly, I would have liked Kyu to scold Mairo, because it's not right to treat the child like this for something that isn't his fault lol.

I just played the game and I love it<3

You have become one of my favorite VN creators with this wonder and Repeat<3<3.

Aaaw! I already love their name<3

Can you just tell me any little spoilers of his romantic interest, pleaseee?

Will it be one or two persons, boy or girl or non-binary character, cis or trans, human or no-human ; )?

Will Emmett be the type who can tell right away when someone is interested in them or are they interested in someone or will they be the adorably dense type?

Of course if you don't want to do spoilers, that's fine too<3

I totally agree<3

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Third comment and review:

It was hard for me to get the good ending because Iggy is a pain in the ass lol, BUT IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT (^///^)

I love the game<3


Pretty cute game<3.

Now make another romantic game for "our" character (The one that we have to name), please he is my favorite and I love his personality so I'm curious what his love story would be like.<3<3.

I would also recommend giving him a canon name, since the character has his own personality and identity (Of course this is my opinion, your word is the last).

I loved it!

The narrative really absorbs and grabs you, making you feel like you're really taking that dangerous journey together with them, I love the art too, every character feels real and their relationship dynamics are well done, between being educated about meeting for the first time Once but clashing over their different experiences and ideals, and Garrett feels real, you can immediately empathize with his traumatic experience and obligation to make this journey despite his feud with his brother out of love for his mother.

The only thing I didn't like is that you don't use more CGs or at least that Garrett has a sprite, it's a shame because I really like Garrett and his design, so it seems a waste that we can only see him in a CG and that's it .

This has a lot of potential, and I'm already making theory in my head, so congratulations because you have won me as a fan<3.

P.S: Will the game have romance?

To replay then!!!

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How do I get the other two?

I only got the one where the protagonist finds out the truth, but he goes like "As long as they pay me it's not my problem lol" which pissed off Cautionne and he shot him (Which in my opinion was good, because the protagonist pissed off me too lmao)

Wait! Are there more endings?

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I am super sure that I will love them<3

I'll pray that Cautionne has a happy ending, the poor thing has already suffered too much (T_T)

By the way, I loved the voice actors, they really made me cry with the emotions they put into their performance<3

I loved the game, and I just want to ask for one thing, PLEASE TELL ME YOU WILL MAKE A SEQUEL TO IT!!!

I've really been left with the intrigue of what Cautionne's future will be now that he is without Dr. Danger, and what will happen to the world...

(If you do a sequel, please do something like "HerovsVillano", because I really love how you have made Cautionne so stylish as a villain<3)


The story, characters, lore of the world, EVERYTHING.

The only thing that made me feel sorry was that there weren't more CGs or that there weren't explicit sexual scenes lol

Will you do a sequel in the future?


I loved the stories and the drawing style, it felt very Tenzuka<3

The only thing I didn't like is that it's so short, I hope one day you dare to write a very long story<3<3

Thanks for the quick response, and a shame because The Champion's style and look has always been one of the coolest and most epic in games when it comes to character designs.

I just wanted to know what "The Champion" would look like in the Snaggmon world.

Does the MC have a default or canon name? Honestly, I know the MC doesn't have a sprite because it's supposed to be us, but I liked them and I want them to have their own name and image, so pleaseee, make the MC their own sprite<3




I know and I've already played it (And I love it too), this is more a question if they will make more games with this couple of idiots<3.

I will definitely buy it when the game comes out<3

It looks good!

Now that I've played with the guide and all, I can honestly say that...


I feel sad for Momo, is there no way for him to have a happy ending? (T_T)

Not to say that he made me curious about his past with Surobo and the person he pushed down the stairs, I would like to know more details.

Honestly, I really liked Momo and the other characters, I hope you make a series of games with their social dramas lmao.

I have loved the game and the delicacy that has shown how their relationship has been strengthened with each letter<3.

The only complaint is that there is no option where you can see both reactions at the same time.

Now I have to ask...


I need to know how it continues<3<3<3<3.

(And yep, I know this is a sequel, I've already played the other game, I need to know more about them, these characters and world have me in love)

PS: Harry still hasn't figured out that Faraday is technically a pirate? XD

(Assuming that in this world there is a discriminatory law that because you are the son of pirates you are automatically a pirate)


I love the characters, the world, the lore, the art, and the gameplay<3.



P.D.: I noticed your nod to your other game Lupine x Disuke, I love how you recycled the characters to make them your own and how they would be if they existed in that world XD


In my illusion I haven´t said what I liked the most about the game, and it is honestly...


The art is exquisite and precious, the worldbuilding is so well done that it makes you feel that you are being told a little story of a world where every day different stories happen in each place to each person and it is your duty to discover it, all the characters are charming and you immediately fall in love with them and suffer with them, and the story leaves you wanting more.

The only thing I didn't like, is that the parents, the vampire, neighbor or other neighbor's son, didn't have sprites on their own or their cgs were just "shaded profiles", it seems to me that the story gives them enough credit and importance to earn a face to be able to tell them apart (I mean, I didn't realize that the son of "I don't know who", was the vampire and he killed the neighbor when Lacrima caught him killing, because the neighbor told the parents about the flower, I only found out when end when one of the neighbors mentioned the identities of the vampire and the victim), although I understand that it is a prequel and the main story will no longer have the parents, but in my opinion it would help in the immersion of this game.

For everything else, this game is PERFECT <3<3<3<3.

Thank you so much!

And I really appreciate that you answered me so quickly<3