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I just finished the demo...

And I have to say...


I have played several VN and I can say that this is very, very well done.
I love how detailed everything is, both the sprites, and the world, the personality of the characters, their choices (They have a different sprite for each election), the way the character face changes expression according to what it talks about, a diary where you accumulate the knowledge of the MC, and that it varies according to the route taken...
The art is wonderful, it looks like a professional game.
And the story is interesting, it captures the dynamics of the relationships of the characters, and makes you want to know them better, and see what kind of relationship they will have with the MC.
Not to mention that the same MC is interesting, I want to know everything about him.
(By the way, my favorite character for now is Hyde, I'll play his route first)

My verdict: It's worth paying a lot of money for your game.

When your kickstarted comes out, I will support you, and I will definitely buy the game.

Good luck to be founded!

I've replayed the game again!

I've loved all the new CGs, and I've already seen the new ending (A pity that if you know the "True Ending", it seems sad, although it seems the only way to have a "Happy Ending" in this game).

And I have to say that you have overcome to yourselves, I loved that you explained better what happened to the three friends thanks to the pictures of the "True Ending".
I still feel sorry for Easter, while I love the game (A dramatical end, worthy of a delightfully cruel game (This is a praise)).
I want to see your next game (I follow you on twitter), I hope that the main characters can have a real happy ending (If you want, you do the game, and you have the right to do it the way you want... But if you do it as dramatic as this, you will make me cry... Again(T_T)).
I will comment again when you do something again!

Is not there a guide to help me?


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I have finished the route of Becquett (I bought the Beta version), and I can absolutely affirm, that it was worth the money that I have spent for it, this game will become a masterpiece, and the only thing I can say is:

1) Thanks for creating such a wonderful game!

2) I liked the Becquett route so much, that I beg for a sequel, or a section of extras, to see more interactions of the characters after the events of the route, like their first time at the amusement park...

3) The next route will be Leaf, and it will start in January, right?
I hope it comes out soon, but take your time to raise the quality of the game.

4) In the future, will you make a guide for the game and all its possible fiancs?

And that's it, I'll wait patiently for the following news on the Leaf route.

I have access to Beta, I have already played it, and it has been worth the pain.
Thanks for creating such a wonderful story!


They look really good!

The truth is that you are updating the game at a good pace, and although I want with all my soul to see the route of Beckett as soon as possible, I don´t mind waiting a few weeks more, and I hope that is what happens with your family, solve it in the best possible way, leaving everyone happy.

May fortune accompany you.

Lagi, what is your type of girl that you like?

Aito, if you think that if Sheryl were an animal she would be a dog, the others including yourself, what animals would they be?

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I like the uniforms!

They look sexy XD

They look more elegants and refinade, more like ladys.

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I fallen in love with this game for life, and I've decided to get married right away...

Seriously, once I started playing it, I bought the guide and the "arena circus gold", in addition to joining your patreon ($ 5), only to be able to see spoilers of the following chapters.

Charming characters, intriguing history, exquisite art, and also makes you smile.

Also, the romance is great!

(My OTP is Aldrich x Lilie)

Now, I will answer the questionnaire that you have left:

1) I'm going to marry this game. (I've mentioned it before)

2) I have many favorite parts, but it killed me for the part that Aldrich and Lilie "disguised" for the party, and that Leslie flirted with Lilie male version.

3) A special scene or chapter on the beach or pool, where they have to fight in swimsuits (So you add more clothes), and there will be romantic summer-like scenes.

4) More romantic scenes, or more things from the past of the characters, especially the past relationship of Aldrich and Lilie, as they went from "forced relationship due necessity and desperation" to "comrades in arms who trust their backs to each other"

5) Of the sexy type... Although also cool clothes would be fine, and if you add Japanese things like yukatas, or other countries, I would also like.

6) Mmm... A scene where they drink alcohol?

I hope my answer is useful, thank you for making such an amazing game.

At first I didn´t know whether to play it, since I am always a bit reluctant to otomes, but then I decided to jump headlong, and I don´t regret anything.

I love all the characters, they have beautiful designs, unique personalities, and I'm dying to complete their routes.

The narrative is fun, and easy to empathize with our pirate protagonist.

Honestly, I finished the demo doing nothing, and I'm looking forward to knowing how much game you have, and how long I have to wait until I can taste this wonderful treasure.

Can you say how much progress you have in the game?

How much is missing for your departure?

Will you really make an R18 version?

I looked at your tumblr, but you have not posted anything since February...

I hope the game is almost ready...

By the way, my favorite character is undecided since the pirate and his faithful parrot is in a battle to see who I like best.
Good luck!

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Hiryuu, what do you do in your spare time?

Sin, what are your favorite colors and flowers?

Do you like watching movies or playing video games?

What are your favorite genres or which ones do you prefer to watch?

I am interested

I don´t like its ending, it's very rushed, and I would have liked it to explore more options (Like other endings), or have more relationships with other characters...
For the rest, the game is perfect, well written, an amazing art, a story that catches you, and a beautiful music...
That's why it's so hard for me that it hadve to be so short, and that it has such a plain ending...

It is so good idea about the sequel, I love the first game, and I really want to see the continuation of their stories, and their relationships.

This game is so good, it deserves a sequel and even a movie (Or an anime at least).

P.D .: I did not know that the protagonist was named Iolanthe, I've taken a surprise.

Your game has enchanted me, it is very well done and designed!

I want to see how your story continues.

But I have noticed a failure, if I keep skip for a long time, the game closes automatically.

And all the data I get about the world, including the characters, is erased, and they automatically go back to the beginning of the game, and they don´t collect anymore.

That is all.

I hope I have helped.

Good art, and poor them.

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I've passed the game and the three finals!

It has an interesting, tragic, and incredibly shocking story.

I have to admit that it has cost me quite to get all the finals, youbshould write a guide about it.

But it's worth discovering the tragic history of this game, and the plot twist in the true ending is amazing.

I hope you make more incredible games in the future!

I am going to follow you!

Is there a trick or easier way to pass the part of the headphones?

I don´t know if they are my headphones or me, but I don´t know when I should move or where Muttword has moved, and if I should stay still in the part that sounds the heart, or move more?

A help please, I'm really enjoying the game, and I would like to finish it to discover the truth (Depending on the end that I get).

My suspicions of who was the masked were correct!

Try to get another ending, I think that final wasn´t the true ending, I think.

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I'm still stuck in the audio part, but I'll try to do my best 

(I don´t have headphones)

By the way, I have my suspicions about who is the masked, although I haven´t passed the game yet, and I don´t want to spoil... 

I found Olie's eyes!
(Although I don´t know if they or doctors will be able to reattach them)

Could you write a guide in the future?

By the way, your game is great, I will try to pass it to me.

I'll try to be attentive to that ...
Where will you publish the news, in tweeter, tumblr, facebook?

The reasons why I think you should do a sequel to this game, is because the story of the kingdom, the characters, and their relationships ...


6-Bastien: Last, but no less intersante. I liked his shy and responsible side, and as despite all that, he dared to marry the MC. Now that he is more "free", I would like to see how his relationship with the MC evolves, besides that I want to see the opinion of the father, and also see how he manages these two in the world.

5-Sofia: Her final was interesting, but I'm more interested in knowing how she, the MC, and Frederique, will keep the scam in the future. MC's mother will still try to marry her, and if Sofia and Frederique do not have children, people will suspect. Also, I would like MC to meet Sofia's family, who already know Sofia's tastes, and who will probably give them her blessing.

4-Guillaume: I liked the personality and sweetness of the prince, and like the MC, it helped him to stay firm in his convictions. Now that he and the MC, are going to be kings, I would like to see how they will face the previous King, all those who are against the peaceful ways of the prince and his wife that reminds a certain "tyrannical" queen, not to mention that now we know that there is still a rebellion going on, hidden somewhere in the kingdom.

3-Charlotte: I loved her final, the like this young chick that was only one that was only attributed to beauty as its only quality has matured to become a beautiful free bird, that when you decide to go to a place, there is no one who stop MC was a great influence for her, and thanks to them, MC convention to fly with her. I would like to see the adventures they have together abroad, in addition to the confrontation they will have with their families when they return, and not to mention the secret of the birth of Charlotte's beloved brother (And we don´t know that he thinks of his sister's elope , and as his family has communicated to him).

2-Leopold: I loved both his design and his personality, and the tragic history of his family, as well as his determination for revenge to create a better kingdom. In I would like to see how he and MC, create a rebellion (It should be possible not bloody), in addition that the family of the MC will be at first very against, and the King already suspects them. I want to see how they return to the throne room as King and Queen.(Although I will feel sorry for the prince, he is a good person)

1-Secret Romance: I would love to see that pair of lovers in a new world, fleeing their cages to be together, the dynamism of troublemakers, with good heads, who love each other first and foremost. It makes me wonder what kind of adventures they would have, what kind of people they would meet, if they would start a business or choose to move all the time, they would hide their ties and present themselves as lovers in order to get married, or it would be a secret romance wherever they went, and More importantly, they would meet people who would accept them and their relationship. (And if you add scenes of kisses, such as the possibility of children, both by adoption and natural, better)

It's so interesting that it would be a waste not to continue it, besides the opportunity to see more romance, history, and PASSION XD!

I totally agree!

Make a sequel!


How much left?




I will definitely buy it and comment on it!

Will you put a guide? Please

I say it in case it is difficult to get some route.

I liked the game a lot, the MC feels quite real, I would like to know her name by default.
And all its romantic possibilities are attractive, it is the type of game that would play all the possible routes.
My favorites at the moment are Frederique (I don´t know if he will have a route since it would be incest, but I love his personality and love for his sister), and Prince Guillaume (I didn´t intend to pursue the prince, but he has such a sweet personality (^///^)).
I would like to connect more with the others, besides seeing the routes with the girls, especially Sofia, it seems to fit with the MC.
I hope that soon you finish the game, although it takes all that is necessary, this game has a lot of potential.

I liked your game a lot, I'm looking forward to the full version.

-Will the Cassius route be the same, or will you add more things?

-Were there other endings in the demo, or will there be in the full version?

By the way, you've made the Duenkhy very realistic, especially the object heads like Cassius, that made me have questions.

-Do object heads or Cassius see kisses with indifference or curiosity, since he has other ways of expressing his feelings or passion?

-How is Cassius's bed, especially in the part of the pillow?

-Can a human and Duenkhy have children?
(If they can´t, they can always adopt XD)

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I feel cheated.