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I once heard that cartoonists were so overworked that to relieve stress, they drew fake scenes of the Rugrats being abused by their families lol.

But nothing reached your beautiful level of gore; ).

I am gonna love this so much!

Thanks for answer me!

I'll wait patiently for as long as it takes<3

Are you still making Beyond the Abyss game?

I say this because the game really excites me, and if you decide to abandon it or leave it as the last one on your list, I would like to know it to prepare myself mentally for it.

Thank you.

New problem!!!

When the scene of the protagonist and the ex masturbating together appears, the cg doesn´t come out, the entire screen is black and only the dialogues are visible.

The worst thing is that it stays black even when the scene ends, and the whole game stays black even though it should be out the next day.

Good idea!

I managed to cross the bridge, but it still won't let me enter the forest (I think this isn´t a bug, a text appears where the protagonist thinks that the forest is dangerous)( (T_T) (T_T).

Honestly, the 7 days of tutorial are getting long, is there no way to skip them?

I don't know why, it won't let me fix the second bridge (T_T)

I don't know why, it won't let me fix the second bridge (T_T)

This looks so fucking good!!!


It is a maybe?


Ever since I played the Demo of this game, I immediately fell in love with everything: The characters, their story, the art, the VAs, EVERYTHING.

And now that I've played the full game, I just have one thing to say...


The CGs have turned out to be more beautiful than I expected, and each route has felt "The real one" in its own way, plus the story has been incredibly interesting and colorful, and all this without mentioning the characters, something that I love of this game is that you end up literally loving ALL the characters, both main and secondary, you get immersed in their stories and end up wanting more <3.

My favorite route has been the Fawn route, because I found it to be the sweetest and most romantic route, plus Fawn has been my favorite since the demo<3<3.

The second favorite has been the Leos, I really love their VA and the way it enhances Leos personality, but it frustrated me that it took them both so long to realize that they loved each other XD, although it made sense, and their sweet moments were worth the wait <3.

My third favorite route is for Cyne, although I love Cyne's personality and his jokes make me laugh, his route felt more sexual than romantic, plus compared to Leos and Fawn, he was the most "normal" lol.

And the last place goes to the bad endings for obvious reasons, THEY MAKE ME CRY (T_T), but seriously, the bad endings are very well done and worth playing at least once.

When the voice path comes out, I'll replay the Fawn and Leos paths <3

And I really want to play the prequel to find out more about the relationship between Caspian and Amyrl (You owe me an NSFW scene from them <3).

And I really loved the relationship of Ilran and Veras, I need more of them if you do a sequel, PLEASE (And of course the others too).

And let's not forget "Nox"...

By the way, I found some small bugs, not very serious, where do I report them?

Case in point, I've fallen in love with the game before, and now I want to marry it<3<3<3<3.

I will be aware of your future projects, you have all my support, patience, and love.

Thank you very much for making this wonderful game (^///^)

And I finished Cyne!!!

Now I will write a good review, wait a moment<3

I finished the Leos route too, now I finally will do Cyne!

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I finished the Fawn route, now I will do Leos!

Will there have lgbt romance?

(If it don't have, I'm still interested)

I bought the steam version, I wanted to ask is there any steam censorship or are both games the same?

Will there be romance?



Should I buy it here or Steam?

I am so happy, Thank you<3

I need a ending (A HAPPY ONE) for Siffrin and their friends (T_T).

I'll think about it... Whoever I'm trying to fool, I'll probably agree LOL

and so I catch up with your other projects <3


We could make a meme song LOL

What tier should I take to be able to access the keys?

 Down on your knees before the Rat King!!!

I've already played it and I love it!

I'm already looking forward to the next ARC<3<3<3<3

Why is this cruel world always trying to destroy beautiful things??? (T_T)(T_T)(T_T)

I am very sorry for everything that all of you have had to go through and it seems that you still have no rest, I am about to pray for your well-being to see if that improves your karma or luck or your devil takes it with another person or your guardian angel stop goofing around or something, and I'm not even religious XD.

Don't worry, take all the time you need, it is well known that good games always require time, and good working conditions for the creators<3.

I wish the best to each of you<3<3.


Should I buy it on steam or itchio?


I have enjoyed all of this, and it is going to do me wonderfully with my "secret project"; ).

Thank you very much, eres un amor de persona.



In those stories to tell and the future of the game <3.

I love everything about your game, both this one and Easter, but the three main things:

Art, history, sound effects, and music.

This is what I am most interested in knowing first.



This sounds cool!


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You made me fall in love with Easter, and now you've made me fall in love again with this new wonder.

I LOVE YOUR ART (Seriously, I love even the deaths LOL), the way you write the characters and their personalities, you make me love them even in their worst moments<3, and the terror and mystery is exquisite (^///^).

I'm already dying for ARC 2!


I still follow this project!

I would offer to help you with the narrative design, but I am a noob too and my native language is Spanish, and maybe that will complicate things.

I wish you luck with this from the bottom of my heart.


I have fallen in love immediately!


I love the mix of the mecha genre, lgtb romance, and good psychological plot with elements of horror<3.

This looks like it's going to be a wonderful game!

I already want to play it<3<3.

P.S .: Will there be NSFW scenes or an NSFW patch<3<3<3?

You can't make the main characters incredibly sexy, and not give us NSFW, that's cruel! (T///T)

P.S.2 .: Even if you don't give us NSFW, the game will still look interesting to me, and I will still love you<3<3<3<3.


I am happy for you<3

See how their relationship progresses from the end of the game (In a romantic sense ; ) ), and see when Ren will realize that he is reincarnation or if the Koi will tell him<3<3<3<3.

P.S.: And a kiss, please<3.





I've played the game 100%, completing both the good and bad endings (AND Galiathos's secret ending XDXD), and I only have one thing to say:


I have loved everything, the art, the characters, the plot, and the humor.

Honestly, I would love a sequel or extras or after storys (If you want) just to see how the story of our beloved toys continues, if the kingdom finds some new problem, or the life of our favorite couple (Mine is Marion and Jack<3) and their bittersweet moments as a new couple.

I've already mentioned that my favorite route is Jack's, mainly because Marion is more active in the missing King's main plot, and because Jack is my favorite (^///^), and I love the interactions between Jack and Marion on his route<3<3<3<3.

It's not that I didn't like Syvester's route, I liked that he's so polite, kind, and probably the only one with common sense in the entire game LMAO (No wonder in his good ending literally everyone is happy XD), just I was very sorry that Marion contributed so little in the search for the King (And "spoilers"), also that their "romance" between them felt so calm that apart from the sudden kisses and flirting (Most of it started by Marion), It felt like Syvester was going with the flow (I get it, he's not the passionate type or he's the "passion in the sheets" type ; ) XDXD), I still admit that his ending is the best (Although I liked Jack's more ; ) ; )) .

And Bunny was the one that I liked the least, although I love Bunny as a character (He is so cute and funny) and I am very interested in his past but most of his route he was trapped in jail until his good end XD, and I didn´t like that Marion had to manipulate Jack (Yes, I love Jack so he has my favoritism) to advance with the plot of the King, which Marion abandons the whole plan for the good ending of Bunny (Surely it will be something similar to the end of Syvester), I would have liked to see more of him and Marion as a couple.

And I need that Galiathos has his own route, please!

The case, I LOVE THE GAME, and I need more.

If you don't do more, I will continue to be your fan and watch your next games.

I love you.

I need more of this!

(I am a sucker of happy endings and sweet romantic stuff<3)