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I already got the last final!

It is as beautiful as sad!


And probably the most canon with TMOM comic, as much as I love the TMOM comic, lore, ships<3, and all their characters (Basically everything), "happy endings" (Or happy, harmonious atmosphere, peace...) for the moment it doesn´t have, and it gives the feeling that if one day it will have an endind it will be bittersweet or horrible end...

(In terms of what I should take as a canon to the lore that has been revealed in this game, it is difficult, I guess I should keep an open mind and remember that TMOM can be very hardcore with its characters (What makes me a masochist because I really love TMOM))

Conclusion, I was already in love with TMOM, and now I have also fallen in love with TLOM, thank you so much for creating this great game.

Thank you!

Ok, you have convinced me, I will try my best.


Please, make a guide in the future.

And thanks for you hard work!!

I finished Rad route too!

Make a guide!


I found this in the kickstarter:

And I know what tier I want (S$ 75, to have beta access), but I have a doubt.
In the kicstarter the type of currency is S$ while in paypa you are asked for it in RM...

And I admit that I am a little uneducated on this subject, not to say that my type of money is the Euro (€)...

For the tier of S$ 75, how much and what kind of money should I transfer in your paypal?

I missed the kickstarter, and missed the opportunity to buy rewards or beta access.

I still have those options available?

(I can pay)

I have played it and I have been absolutely fascinated and in love with your game.

The art is beautiful, the story interesting, and the endearing characters further increase the enjoyment of the game.

The only thing I regret is missing the kickstarter, and losing the opportunity to buy rewards or beta access.

I still have those options available?

(I can pay)

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The game is perfect...

...The only flaw that I put to the game for now is that you make such wonderful and handsome male characters, and that they haven´t a route or romance in the game.

I feel like seeing the ads or advertising of an ice cream shop or creperie or cake shop, and when you go there, you discover that certain desserts aren´t for sale and that they only have decorative purposes.


But otherwise perfect!

I love the protagonist, the others characters, the gameplay, the plot, the art, and the comedy.

Seriously, this game looks great.

I want to see the whole game.


Then there are definitely elements of fantasy or supernatural in the game.

And I love his design, a shame that he doesn't have a romantic route.

Although it also seems a shame to me that most of the characters that came out in the demo don´t have a romantic route XD (Except parents and married characters).



I would greatly appreciate it.

After playing the game carefully to get the Bad Ending and the Perfect Ending, my evaluation of ROAR is:I really loved it!

What I liked:

The best part of the game is its plot, prose, and its characters; immediately you sink into their words and the intrigue of the plot and the circumstances of the protagonists, and at the same time you wish them the best for them.

The OST has been great, and very emotional, you chose the right songs to convey the atmosphere of the moment, and the emotions of the character (Frozen has made me laugh a lot XD).

And I loved the endings, both the Perfect and the Bad (Although my favorite is the Perfect), because both had a logical and sensible emotional outcome, I didn´t feel anything forced that the characters acted that way in both endings, but neither I could predict the outcome, making the intrigue better.

Both endings are worth seeing and enjoying.

The cons:

The art is more questionable, honestly, if you had made more sprites with the clothes mentioned in the narration or their animal forms or when they were semi naked or when they cried, I think it would have given more flexibility and quality to the game.

I have found many translation errors (And that my native language is Spanish), such as confusing male and female pronouns or incorrect narrative forms, I have sometimes had to reread a narrative to understand it better.

Although I don´t blame you since we ask for a quick translation, and there aren´t many mistakes, the game is playable and understandable, but I recommend that you make a revaluation of your game and fix the most obvious mistakes.

And the last thing, and this is totally personal, I would have liked the game to be longer, just because I wanted to see Romeo and Nora spend more time together (this one can ignore it if you want XD).

And that's it, now I only have one plea to make: Make a sequel to this game, to see how Nora and Romeo live from now on, and how they adapt to their new lifestyle, and see more romantic moments.

Por favor!

And thank you very much for the game, I enjoyed it very much (^///^).

P.D .: My favorite part is that both characters had characteristics and personalities of their animals.

I think the problem is the choice of the song.

I followed the guide but still got the bad ending until I chose the song 0043, The Lion Sleeps Tonight: then I already got the perfect ending.

I will write another comment to review the game.

Thank you.

Thank you!
I've already played it and I love it, but I have a problem...
I'm just getting the bad ending.
Any advice for the perfect ending?
(Or a guide?)


Thank you so much!

I am going to play it immediately right now!

Sincerely, I saw it coming...

...And that's why I even want to see them more interact (Specifically Lee interacting with others)!!!

I love those kinds of eccentric characters that cause eccentric reactions, eccentric conversations, and eccentric situations (or at least uncomfortable silences).

We could say that I love chaos just as much as justice and romance (≧∀≦).

Returning to the subject, don´t worry, do whatever you want, be true to yourself, that is the path to true love.

Surely, whatever you do, I will love it.


I already read all those, and I loved them deeply<3<3<3<3.

But I was referring to a complete original story, like one of those good/bad crossovers movies.

Examples: The Avengers, Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, King Kong vs Godzilla, Rugrats Go Wild, Alien vs Predator, and etc...

Although I don't complain about your crossovers, I love them, please, keep doing them (^///^).

P.D .: In your new crossover will appear the characters of One-Eyed Lee, and Tomai (And other new characters)?

Honestly, I would like to see them interact with others, it seems fun XD.

I only make these kind of comments when the game is worth it.

So you have every right to feel proud and even brag XD.

I am glad to know that this world will be unique and you will teach us more of its lore in the future, and it makes me even happier that there are more secrets and stories of the protagonists to discover.

But a part of me feared that the world was unique, don't get me wrong, I don't think it's a bad thing nor am I against it, but I'm a sucker for crossovers.

Anyway, I will wait patiently for the next game, while I will follow your comics.

Thank you for your patience and dedication<3<3<3<3.

Normally I am not a fan or follower of polygamy romance or romance of 3 people (I want to make it clear that I don´t hate IT or I am not against it).

But as I expected from DarkChibiShadow, DCS has once again created a pleasant exception in my heart with Tomai.

I liked everything about this simple game, although I was sad that it was so short, I love it and I love the DLCs too.

What I liked the most was the rural and exotic atmosphere, it was clear that Tomai lived in a small place with not many technological accesses or morden comforts, but that is part of the charm of the place.

I liked all the characters, both in their personality and relationships (Especially in relationships ;D).

Art is impossible not to love it with how adorable it is.

If I had to choose a cocept that represented the game it would be "grow" or "change" or "transition" or even "maturation", something that we are aware and accept but can create doubts and fears as well as surprises and emotional gains.

And I also love the relationship of the this 3, it shows that they have known each other for a lifetime and want to continue being that way, their desire to become a romantic relationship but their fear of breaking what they have in the present, that is quite realistic in my opinion.

I have enjoyed the game quite a lot, and I think it has taught me more about poly-German or 3-person relationships than any other game or story I have read before, and even enjoyed it.

Thanks for the game!

PS: My favorite DLCs have been when the three began to tell their childhood and adolescence stories, if there was a prequel to Tomai about more of these stories, I would buy it (Even if it doesn't have content 18, because they don't start dating until this game ).

P.D.2: The NSFW content is HOT!!!


I only have one verdict for this game: I LOVE IT!

I loved everything, the characters, puzzles, lore, and what excites me the most is that there will be more games in the future.

The characters are endearing, charming, and realistic; I love every interaction of the protagonists between them or with the other characters (They have made me laugh a lot), and that the relationship between them is related to the endings, it seems sensational and logical.

What I liked most about the characters, is that they are literally two opposite poles, both in appearance and personality, ideals, morals (Although to be exact, we don´t fully know Lee's personality due to his condition), and even goals in life; it makes their interactions deeper and makes me want to see where they will go with their story.

The puzzles aren´t terribly complicated but they make you think, not to mention that the comments of Lee and Beracus are hilarious, I never got bored of it (Even when I had to repeat game to get another ending).

The lore about the game, although it may not seem like it, these events take place in several different places (Where Lee's family lives, the cave of this game, the Villa of Beracus), places with different cultures and ways, as well as mysteries and other events to discover (The curse of Lee, or the events of the skeleton family), forming a base on the Lore and the game world, in addition that Lee has been traveling for a long time, we will surely hear more stories about the world ( We don´t know if the world takes place in the same world of Solanaceae or another comic or game).

I want to know more about this world.

I don´t lie in saying that I am very excited that there will be a sequel in the future (I already know that it will come out by 2021 or 2022 but I am willing to wait), and I really want to see the eccentric adventures of this duo.

PS: I don't usually like the games or stories of two fellow protagonists without romance (Whatever their genre), but this is a nice exception...

 Besides that you never know if there may be romance in the future (Even if there isn't, I'm going to keep loving the game<3).

Now you have given me much more desire to know what will happen in the future!

And even if there was no romance (which you haven't affirmed or denied, so I can still hope), I have already fallen in love with the story and the characters, so I can't escape even if I wanted to.

P.D .: I would like that Lee could reconcile with his family, he gave me the impression that he was sad and frustrated that his family didn't understand him.

(1 edit)

I have read the entire prologue, and I love it!

I fully understand Lee's point of view and also his family's point of view, and honestly it doesn't surprise me that Lee has chosen the "demon" at the end (Although to be honest, we don't know if he had the option to refuse), his Family has unconsciously cornered him to that position.

This has reminded me a lot of cases such as homosexuality or transsexuality or religion (Simply that one person believes or feels something different from their family) in a family that loves their children but doesn't understand them, and they think it is a "phase" or "they try to get their attention" or they aren't "mature" enough, and the worst part is that they believe that with their actions they are "helping" them.

Honestly, I don't think it's a good idea for the devil to have Lee under his spell, nor do I think the devil was the only way for Lee to run away from his house, but his family made him believe otherwise, and it's clear that his family can't help Lee with the devil (Honestly, they are hypocrites, bragging about tradition and family love, but when something serious happens to Lee, they leave him).

I have already started playing One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Party (I'm not done yet, I'm going to need a guide or something), I want to see Lee's future, I wish him good fortune.
P.D .: Will there be romance in the future?

Dear Shirokoi.

I had heard about your game a long time ago on youtube and itchio, but due to laziness I didn't play it or at least watch an entire gameplay.

BUT three days ago I downloaded it and decided to play it and I only have one thing to say...


(Watching anime and playing other things XD)

But seriously, "Repeat" is one of the most interesting Visual Novels I've found so far, and believe me, I've played many games and visual novels.

The only thing that hurts me is to see that it is not finished yet, but I see that it is not due to laziness, on the contrary, it is due to hard work and perfection.

I saw "Owen Cut Content" (I didn't know about the sex scene with Samuel, but I don't complain about seeing it XDXD), and it showed that it was old content for several reasons but most importantly it proves that your game grows and evolves with you, both in depth of characters, as plot complexity, and art.

Your game will surely be a 100% complete game, but I can say that it is a fact that will be worthwhile and will exceed our expectations.

I thank you that you have and are creating this fantastic work, and I recommend that you put a price on it when you finish it, this is one of those games that make you want to give your money for how gratifying and satisfied it makes you feel.



I tried to play it, but I don't understand Italian.
I only understand two languages: Spanish and English.
It looks very good, I recommend translating it to English soon.
Let me know when you do it.



That relieves me a lot!
I love the game, its characters, the mystery, the psychology, and the election system.
But I was worried that it was too difficult for me, so I appreciate the guide.

Will there be a guide?

I am going need one XD.


I lover her!

I've played the demo, and I have to admit, Cove has made me fall in love.

I really want the game to come out complete, and watch the other dlcs.



I can´t believe I didn´t know about this game until literally nothing.


I want to continue all the routes, see how Yuuichi's career in tennis continues, and how that affects her romantic relationship with her boyfriend.

I love that the game is improving little by little.

You have won a follower.

I just finished the demo...

And I have to say...


I have played several VN and I can say that this is very, very well done.
I love how detailed everything is, both the sprites, and the world, the personality of the characters, their choices (They have a different sprite for each election), the way the character face changes expression according to what it talks about, a diary where you accumulate the knowledge of the MC, and that it varies according to the route taken...
The art is wonderful, it looks like a professional game.
And the story is interesting, it captures the dynamics of the relationships of the characters, and makes you want to know them better, and see what kind of relationship they will have with the MC.
Not to mention that the same MC is interesting, I want to know everything about him.
(By the way, my favorite character for now is Hyde, I'll play his route first)

My verdict: It's worth paying a lot of money for your game.

When your kickstarted comes out, I will support you, and I will definitely buy the game.

Good luck to be founded!

I've replayed the game again!

I've loved all the new CGs, and I've already seen the new ending (A pity that if you know the "True Ending", it seems sad, although it seems the only way to have a "Happy Ending" in this game).

And I have to say that you have overcome to yourselves, I loved that you explained better what happened to the three friends thanks to the pictures of the "True Ending".
I still feel sorry for Easter, while I love the game (A dramatical end, worthy of a delightfully cruel game (This is a praise)).
I want to see your next game (I follow you on twitter), I hope that the main characters can have a real happy ending (If you want, you do the game, and you have the right to do it the way you want... But if you do it as dramatic as this, you will make me cry... Again(T_T)).
I will comment again when you do something again!

Is not there a guide to help me?


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I have finished the route of Becquett (I bought the Beta version), and I can absolutely affirm, that it was worth the money that I have spent for it, this game will become a masterpiece, and the only thing I can say is:

1) Thanks for creating such a wonderful game!

2) I liked the Becquett route so much, that I beg for a sequel, or a section of extras, to see more interactions of the characters after the events of the route, like their first time at the amusement park...

3) The next route will be Leaf, and it will start in January, right?
I hope it comes out soon, but take your time to raise the quality of the game.

4) In the future, will you make a guide for the game and all its possible fiancs?

And that's it, I'll wait patiently for the following news on the Leaf route.

I have access to Beta, I have already played it, and it has been worth the pain.
Thanks for creating such a wonderful story!