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Thank you!!!


I loved it!

Each part of the game, the personality of Periwinkle and Pastille, how their relationship has started and how it has developed until reaching the romantic confession (It has been like a happy punch to my heart<3<3<3<3).

The psychological background, doubts, denial, and relief that came to Periwinkle when he spoke of her feelings with Astragalus (Best girl).

The only thing I was missing was a extra with Pastille's POV of the entire game, and an NSFW patch (But this is because I'm a pervert, and they are too adorable (>///<)).

Coclusion, I love it and I'm going to give it 5 stars.

PS: Please make a sequel<3<3<3<3.

Thank God!

I haven't completed it yet, but I'm loving it.

I love how we discover lore, history, and relationships through every detail and conversation in this game.

I don't know if it will have a happy ending or one where they suffer more than Siffrin is suffering now, but I sure like it.

It shows that you have put a lot of effort and love into the game, it shows by its great quality.


Will you do a guide?

It's that it gives me the feeling that I'm doing everything wrong.


Thank you very much for answering!

I am very happy that there will be romance, especially with D'Artagnan (I see him as a charismatic character who brags a lot but has a heart of gold, I don't know how you will write your version of D'Artagnan, but whether you decide to use the original personality or make your own version, sure you will make him be an "interesting phenomenon" that surprises the world), and I am even happier that I can choose between a "good way" and "bad way", I hope to get a good ending (Although if there are only bad endings, I'll accept it while crying, I admit that I like happy endings more than sad ones).

And I will buy the +18 version, when I decide to follow something, I follow it with all my soul  ; ).

Seriously, you have made me very happy by answering me (^///^).

Thank you.

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Normally I don´t like fanfics or dojinshis (Especially if they are the romantic type in which two characters are a hot couple when they never kiss in the original work, like Naruto and Sasuke XD (And ironically I'm a huge yaoi fan LMAO)) but I have read the novels of The Three Musketeers, and I have seen several of theirs films (I have even seen the Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds), so I have decided not to prejudge the work and give it a look, and OMG, it is the best decision I could make.

I know this technically is the prologue, but the story has already caught me, having an atmosphere like the novels and a medieval French air, not to say that I immediately loved Mordaunt (I have a soft spot for hot-headed edgy youth with twisted personality ; ) ) , and I still don't know if there will be (gay) romance with him or with whom (Although from the cover, I would say it would be Mordaunt with d'Artagnan, and hopefully that's because it would make things fucking more interesting (º///º)).

The fact is that you have won me as a fan, and I will follow you, I hope we have fun together (^///^).

P.D .: Will it be a linear novel or with decisions and different endings? Is Mordaunt the protagonist or will be D'Artagnan? Are there chances that this work has a happy ending or I expect the worst?


It looks interesting!

Will it have NSFW scenes?

It will be free or pay?

And will it have a dramatic backstory with surprising plot twists!?!?!? (This last is a joke XD, but if it have, cool!)

Thanks for your reply!

Glad to be helpful, and like I said before, I still love the characters (I'll wait patiently for the spin-off though, for scientific reasons ; )).


The game isn´t bad, I like the art, characters, and the plot (I have always loved the romance with mermaids, BL makes it better (^///^)).

But I have some curiosities (Which may be game errors):

-In the company, Kova says Nero's name before he knows his name or Nero himself chose his name.

-If Nero knows so little about the world and hasn´t received an education, how can he speak so well? Or how does he know about school or buying houses?

And that's it, it's the only thing I've noticed, which means you're doing great!

I look forward to seeing how your story continues, and the romance to come, thanks for making this game!

P.D.: Will there be sex scenes? (If there isn't, I still love the game and its characters (But i'll think it's a waste ; )))

P.D.2: And if there is sex scenes (Yay!), how will Nero's biology be to allow have gay sex? I ask out of curiosity towards fantastic biology (Really XD).

Thanks for you answer!

The game isn´t bad, and the mystery is interesting.

And the characters are all attractive, I would like to know the history and circumstances of all.

Do you already have a release date?

In what state of progress is the game?

What is the password to enter the blog or tumblr?

The game has been quite interesting!

Somehow I got the final three (Unless there is a bad one, then I have skipped it), and it has been fun to see the interplay of the three girls, I would like to see them more in the future.

It would be interesting if the next game (If you decide to make another, Nikita was the protagonist, I really like this character).

Thank you so much for making such an amazing game as always!

I just played it and I loved it (I got the good ending on the first try).

It has so many options that I don't know how to get the other endings, would you be interested in doing a guide in the future?

I also played Parsnip, and I loved it.

I love all your games (I'll play the third one soon).

Thank you so much for you hard work!<3<3<3<3

I love how this game mixes gore and romance in such an elegant and captivating way.

Will the game have a sequel or after story of the routes?

I would love to see more of the characters or that world.

For example: I take it for granted that when Brattan and Vil have become more adapted to their new bodies and society, they will explore again and begin to explore the world and its wonders (I wonder what face they will put when they see for the first time the sea or the snow or the desert or cultural differences between countries).

I like the concept of "Bonding" by Yiestol, it reminds me of the "fusion" of Steven Universe (But more gore and no turning back XD), I would like to see adventures of them in their new form and how they enjoy existence together (Technically they are continuously in a date XD)

And my dearest Nyargh, curiously, I felt that his relationship with Vil and his route was the closest thing to our society's concept of "close friends to boyfriends", I would like to see how those changes affect their relationship, and how they have dates together.

Simple words, I loved the game, and if you decide to make another one, you would make me very happy, but if you decide not to, nothing happens, I will still love you equally.

Thank you very much for making this game so wonderful.


It sounds interesting!!!

When will there be more information?

I've already played it, and I liked it.

I have left my comment on the main page of the game.

P.D.: Will you make a game guide in the future?

I just finished it 100%, and I love it.

I loved the characters, the relationships, and each ending.

Ren is so cute and innocent, and it shows that he is a good person with a pure soul despite his violent past.

Kazuya is the first tsundere that is quite mature and with a righteous soul, I liked his route.

My favorite romance was without a doubt Haruto, he is so cute and handsome, and I always laught that he always try tease Ren for flirt with him but that ended up backwards (Ren is a natural tease XD).

I liked who Chiharu turned out to be, and the type of personality she had, I'd like more interactions of her with Ren.

I didn´t expect Shion, and I liked his ending, I wish there were more details and moments between Ren and him, since I find it adorable as Ren lovingly teases Shion.

Too bad there wasn't an romance with Sora, I love the character, his personality, and looks, though I'm glad he got a girlfriend in the game (Make her a sprite too, please).

And it is impossible not to love grandma, and feel his unconditional family love.

Now, what I didn't like was that there were so few CGs in the game (I would have liked to see a CG in the epilogue at least to see the adult appearances of Ren and his lover, as Shion ending) , and that the art of CG was so different from the art of sprite, not that it was wrong but I like more the art of sprite (This is my personal opinion, surely there are people who preferred CG art).

Now comes what I would like for the future, and what I beg you to do (It is your decision, if you decide to do nothing, I will respect it, and I will continue to love you):

-A romantic route for Sora (I would love to).

-Make a sequel or something that shows the romantic or calm life of Ren and his lover and brother and friends (I would love to see how they have matured).

-Add spicy scenes to the game or sequel or something!!! PLEASE!!! (Sorry for being so perverted, but I really would have liked to read the romantic moments of the characters in their intimate moments, and since Ren who is quite pure naturally would have reacted to it, if you don´t want, I will humbly accept your opinion)

-Make a game or story where Shion is the protagonist and get a partner, because I'm very curious with what kind of lover Shion would end, and how Ren would react to it XD.

And that's it, you deserve 5 stars for the game, I loved it!

Thank you so much for your hard work making the game!


I literally found the game today!

And I just finished the DEMO right now... and I'm reading this...

I only have three words to say:


You have made me fall in love with the game (especially with Ren's purity), you already have a fan.

Thank you!!!

I really want play it!!!

After playing the demo, I liked the game so much that I had to get patreon and access the extended demo and beta access.

And I must say that the game is beautiful and glorious, the art is charming, the story gives an air of divinity and mystical mystery, the music is beautiful and mystical, and the characters are exquisite and I love each of their interactions, from when they distrust each other when they fall in love, it feels natural and realistic (My favorite is Fawn).

I'm already doing my theories about the mysteries of the game, the Speaker, and everything else; and I have to say that I have fallen in love with your game.

I really want to see the full game, and see the continuation of the routes.

PS: Really I was surprised by how realistic each route has felt, each character had their own time and interactions, and it felt natural when the romance happened, nothing felt forced, for that you have my respect.

Look interesting!

Does the game have multiple endings?

I ask because Bell is in the sequel, but at the end of this game (At least the end that I saw) Bell died.

I ask to know if I have to replay.

PS: I love the game, its characters and the whole concept.

You are awesome<3<3<3<3.

I already got the last final!

It is as beautiful as sad!


And probably the most canon with TMOM comic, as much as I love the TMOM comic, lore, ships<3, and all their characters (Basically everything), "happy endings" (Or happy, harmonious atmosphere, peace...) for the moment it doesn´t have, and it gives the feeling that if one day it will have an endind it will be bittersweet or horrible end...

(In terms of what I should take as a canon to the lore that has been revealed in this game, it is difficult, I guess I should keep an open mind and remember that TMOM can be very hardcore with its characters (What makes me a masochist because I really love TMOM))

Conclusion, I was already in love with TMOM, and now I have also fallen in love with TLOM, thank you so much for creating this great game.

Thank you!

Ok, you have convinced me, I will try my best.


Please, make a guide in the future.

And thanks for you hard work!!

I finished Rad route too!

Make a guide!


I found this in the kickstarter:

And I know what tier I want (S$ 75, to have beta access), but I have a doubt.
In the kicstarter the type of currency is S$ while in paypa you are asked for it in RM...

And I admit that I am a little uneducated on this subject, not to say that my type of money is the Euro (€)...

For the tier of S$ 75, how much and what kind of money should I transfer in your paypal?

I missed the kickstarter, and missed the opportunity to buy rewards or beta access.

I still have those options available?

(I can pay)

I have played it and I have been absolutely fascinated and in love with your game.

The art is beautiful, the story interesting, and the endearing characters further increase the enjoyment of the game.

The only thing I regret is missing the kickstarter, and losing the opportunity to buy rewards or beta access.

I still have those options available?

(I can pay)

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The game is perfect...

...The only flaw that I put to the game for now is that you make such wonderful and handsome male characters, and that they haven´t a route or romance in the game.

I feel like seeing the ads or advertising of an ice cream shop or creperie or cake shop, and when you go there, you discover that certain desserts aren´t for sale and that they only have decorative purposes.


But otherwise perfect!

I love the protagonist, the others characters, the gameplay, the plot, the art, and the comedy.

Seriously, this game looks great.

I want to see the whole game.


Then there are definitely elements of fantasy or supernatural in the game.

And I love his design, a shame that he doesn't have a romantic route.

Although it also seems a shame to me that most of the characters that came out in the demo don´t have a romantic route XD (Except parents and married characters).



I would greatly appreciate it.

After playing the game carefully to get the Bad Ending and the Perfect Ending, my evaluation of ROAR is:I really loved it!

What I liked:

The best part of the game is its plot, prose, and its characters; immediately you sink into their words and the intrigue of the plot and the circumstances of the protagonists, and at the same time you wish them the best for them.

The OST has been great, and very emotional, you chose the right songs to convey the atmosphere of the moment, and the emotions of the character (Frozen has made me laugh a lot XD).

And I loved the endings, both the Perfect and the Bad (Although my favorite is the Perfect), because both had a logical and sensible emotional outcome, I didn´t feel anything forced that the characters acted that way in both endings, but neither I could predict the outcome, making the intrigue better.

Both endings are worth seeing and enjoying.

The cons:

The art is more questionable, honestly, if you had made more sprites with the clothes mentioned in the narration or their animal forms or when they were semi naked or when they cried, I think it would have given more flexibility and quality to the game.

I have found many translation errors (And that my native language is Spanish), such as confusing male and female pronouns or incorrect narrative forms, I have sometimes had to reread a narrative to understand it better.

Although I don´t blame you since we ask for a quick translation, and there aren´t many mistakes, the game is playable and understandable, but I recommend that you make a revaluation of your game and fix the most obvious mistakes.

And the last thing, and this is totally personal, I would have liked the game to be longer, just because I wanted to see Romeo and Nora spend more time together (this one can ignore it if you want XD).

And that's it, now I only have one plea to make: Make a sequel to this game, to see how Nora and Romeo live from now on, and how they adapt to their new lifestyle, and see more romantic moments.

Por favor!

And thank you very much for the game, I enjoyed it very much (^///^).

P.D .: My favorite part is that both characters had characteristics and personalities of their animals.

I think the problem is the choice of the song.

I followed the guide but still got the bad ending until I chose the song 0043, The Lion Sleeps Tonight: then I already got the perfect ending.

I will write another comment to review the game.

Thank you.

Thank you!
I've already played it and I love it, but I have a problem...
I'm just getting the bad ending.
Any advice for the perfect ending?
(Or a guide?)


Thank you so much!

I am going to play it immediately right now!