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Very gorgeous art, and very weird setting! :D I also really liked the jokes in some item descriptions, "this backpack has another backpack inside it" being my favorite.

At a gameplay level, I get the idea about having a limited inventory, but since you have no risks to avoid when moving from one place to another it seems just busywork to carry stuff around.

The controls are very good, moving Rumbo through tunnels feels very intuitive. Cool submission!

thanks man - y’know I never looked at it like that, I guess it really just busy work. Originally I had this idea that mining would drain your health like maybe you needed an oxygen tank or heat resistance to dig further down, I guess by introducing something that would reward the risk could make the game more fun. But like most things I guess it was just a lack of time that got me haha. I mean originally my plan for this game was to find friends for a birthday party and the friends would be used as weapons - butttt it was too complicated to make so I ended up ditching it for this mining idea.

I’m glad you enjoyed it though, thanks for leaving some feedback it really is much appreciated,  and the double back pack is my favorite one I wrote too,  haha good choice