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This was wonderful. The visual style here is my favorite that I've seen so far in this jam. Very unique and full of personality and style. My favorite parts of the visuals were the animation of Alexa walking with her doll, and how the music box would spin while it played.

The theme is dead on. It genuinely makes you think of the real world scarcity that so many people have to face on a daily basis. Anxiously scrounging for discarded bags of chips, only to discover that the one you found is empty...

The gameplay is overall pretty simple. The fact that there's no real "win" condition makes it a bit more interesting, however, and it amplifies the theme a lot. The two special items, as well as the little messages that accompany their discovery, add a ton to the emotional connection you have with Alexa, and makes you want to keep her alive (and makes it that much more painful when you can't). 

My only complaint here is the collisions would sometimes block Alexa from moving. Specifically, I couldn't get close enough to the couch to get the bag of chips that were sitting on top of it. 

Very beautiful little game here :)

Thank you for the feedback!  

In principle it should be possible getting the bag on the couch just by standing in front of it, but you're right that the pathing is not the best - Alexa simply moves in a straight line until the target point, stopping if there's an obstacle, so one must "manually" turn around the obstacles. Hopefully I will improve this in a future version.