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With all these meta games, I'm not sure anymore if an error is truly an error or not. x) But I think this one is unfortunately: at the start of the game, it only shows the message:

action number 1
of Create Event
for object game_manager:
File is not opened for reading.

The game looked quite ambitious though!

Yes, this is an actual error. Thank for bringing it to my attention! I just added a small debug log that will appear as a .txt in the same folder as the game, so this would help me figure out what's going wrong.
Just download the latest version and send me the debug log. Also, if you have Discord, we can talk over there. Here's my username: J̷͍̐͑͘͜a̷͔̺͘s̶̢̬̈́̃̅o̸̝̺̒̚n̶̛̼̿͘

I had to run the program as admin for it to work after getting that error!