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Im glad you eventually figured it out. I will be balancing contracts in the next couple of days so that they pay according to the lines of code you write, not by how many scripts you create.

Actually, making mistakes currently have no penalty. Except for the annoyong noise that it makes when you do. This is probably bound to change as well . I may implement some sort of bonus for less mistakes.

Thanks for the feedback. My biggest concern has always been the learning curve, the biggest of which is the console.

Glad you enjoyed some parts of it. Check back in a couple of days for these changes. 

When I say "mistakes", I talk about the ones made in the console. Like typing "script make" instead of "script create", or mispelling a contract's name. True, they are not directly penalized. However, they cost time! Since there isn't any autocompletion, making those kind of errors can be very punishing sometime. :)

Thats very true. You will be happy to hear then that I have just changed some things regarding the pacing and flow and they overall make the game more fun. 

But the biggest change related directly to this is that time now moves at 20% speed in the console. I actually made this change before reading this comment, so this comment only reinforced that this was probably a step in the right direction. So making mistakes should be far less costly. The curve has also been fixed so you should survive the first day(if you watch your energy and hunger).


PS. you can also now change text colors.  Hint: Try the console command.