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I've just started to play around with this and it seems very comprehensive.  I look forward to putting my information in and trying it out next session.  Im having a few dificulties though. 

1 The module I'm running has some specific bosses and  I tried adding a Creature.  It pulled up a generic  monster form but, only certain feilds were editable.... I couldn't change some key things like, Size, Alingnment, monster type, base stats....

It was very odd, the monster type seems to be randomly generated sometimes, and other times it just came to the same type over and over.  either way, I couldn't controle or change it.    Do you have any tutorials on how to do things like this?  If I look at monsters by type, then click on the type i want to add, and click add I get a blank form with at least the type right, but I still can't change the other items and it defaults to size tiny. 

Also if it has more than one attack type I couldn't see a way to  indicate that IE 1d8 bite and  1d6 scratch.   Though they could be put under traits.  

2 I created the module in the PC version then tried to move it to the Android version.  I uploaded the Modules aml file to dropbox and created a shared link.  When i enter that link into the android version it says that the file is not recognized and to check the file type.  I copy and pasted the link to be sure that I was not typing it incorrectly.  

3 And finally, the header for the speed area says subtype instead of speed.  Thats a very minor bug, but could get confusing after you enter the speed and the prompt text is gone. 

Thank you,


Hi StormQueen, 

Thank you so much for sending us feedback.

1. The stats you indicated are controlled by scrolling or dragging with mouse or finger.  :) This has confused many users so we will be adding an indicator for this. You are correct with the trait and the damage dice. Though we may revisit adding a better way to add damage dice.

2. That is indeed strange, would you mind sending me the dropbox share link so I can check?

3. Thank you for this :)

1) ah thank you! yes that worked. my creatures thank you!


And thank you for the quick responce.



I was able to successfully import your module. 

Be sure to change the address to:

The one tells Dropbox that you want to download xml rather than opening it with a browser. 

You are most welcome :)

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Ah! That I did not know.  so, yeah some tutorials or instruction sheets are going to be needed.  I'm very very versed in writing instructions for.... nubes.  ;> let me know if you want help with that.  

Next...... is there a specific format for map imports? I can brows to the pics, but i can't click on them to actually load the files.  It works in the android version but not pc. 


Thank you for the offer, we may look you up for that XD Currently, we are still heavily modifying the software to match user feedbacks :)

Regarding images, you should be able to open up pngs and jpgs.  May I know the images you are having issues with? Is this on a windows system? 

Hey, not OP but I've the same issue. Windows 10 x64 Home Edition.

I can browse the whole computer  (both disks) but cannot select any file.
Maybe I need to have the maps inside the localStorage folder of my account?

You shouldn't need to have the image on specific folders. But they need to have the .jpg/.png file extension. But we'll look into this.

Hey, I figured it out.  the extensions need be lowercase. So .png is allowed to be read but .PNG not.

Much appreciated sir! That helps immensely, I'll make an update with the code to remove that restriction.