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Perfect thanks :)

Hey man, going to buy this now absolutely. Just a question. Will we get a Steam key once the software releases over there?

How it will works for having others join a session? Do they need the software as well or there will be a "partecipant-mode" client for this use case?

Best game of the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. Easy.

If you mean the website font, the css shows this:'04b_03',Lato,LatoExtended,sans-serif

So I suppose it's: 04b_03

Hey, I figured it out.  the extensions need be lowercase. So .png is allowed to be read but .PNG not.

Hey, not OP but I've the same issue. Windows 10 x64 Home Edition.

I can browse the whole computer  (both disks) but cannot select any file.
Maybe I need to have the maps inside the localStorage folder of my account?