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Thank you for the offer, we may look you up for that XD Currently, we are still heavily modifying the software to match user feedbacks :)

Regarding images, you should be able to open up pngs and jpgs.  May I know the images you are having issues with? Is this on a windows system? 

Hey, not OP but I've the same issue. Windows 10 x64 Home Edition.

I can browse the whole computer  (both disks) but cannot select any file.
Maybe I need to have the maps inside the localStorage folder of my account?

You shouldn't need to have the image on specific folders. But they need to have the .jpg/.png file extension. But we'll look into this.

Hey, I figured it out.  the extensions need be lowercase. So .png is allowed to be read but .PNG not.

Much appreciated sir! That helps immensely, I'll make an update with the code to remove that restriction.