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First off, Can't quit. 

Fun: Cool idea, the concept of using the bar as a risk vs. reward idea is really neat, but the rest of the game could be better, I never felt afraid of dying from the heat because of the water spot placements being right where it would be most convenient for you, but if that is what you were going for, than it is fine. The movement is very slippery, similar to when Mario is on ice. (P.S. The tutorial uses too much text and the game-over screen feels empty)

Visuals: Nice Job.

Music: Could be better, could be worse, consider having another track for the tutorial.

Sound: Lacking, there were like two sound effects, jumping shooting, and that is about it.

Story: n/a

Theme: I couldn't tell what the theme was or how it was applied. If the game was about risk vs. reward then this section would be much more positive, but the idea of scarcity is about how little something is, and like I said earlier, the water is placed frequently through the level.

Nice game


Thank you for your review. We just took on too much. I was both making graphics and coding and i just didnt have time to make levels more interesting. The tutorial was done in the last few minutes. We didnt have time for story so we just put it in the description :).