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First: I like the idea of mining here (first mine, then collect). Also the background is good.

Second: I don't like moving system, but I can used to it. "I don't like" doesn't mean it is bad. I just don't like. But I like the idea of flying and shooting at once.

Third, I have spotted a few bugs:

a. In update 0.4 you don't loose oxygen.

b. When you throw away inventory, save and open the game, inventory is lost.

c. Also when you completely close the window and reopen, most of the upgrades are lost. Plus you can't upgrade them once again.

d. I have reached depth of ~300 m and no silver, nor gold was spotted. I don't know if I should go deeper? I have plenty of other resources and I don't have any precious metals.


Thank you for noticing the oxygen bug,it should be fixed now. The oxygen actually got consumed,but the UI wasn't updating.

About the other things yeah,dropped items are lost when you exit to the main menu

By closing the window do you mean closing the game? If you close the game without saving your latest upgrades will be lost.

Yup, there's still a lot of stuff to explore down below . The bottom [spoilers]  right now sits at 1750 m.

> By closing the window do you mean closing the game?

Yes, complete close of the window. I haven't tried to reproduce the bug, but once I will try.

About exploration [spoiler]: I have found different species and the silver. Good. But most annoying were jellyfish (or something like that). Is it possible to destroy them? :/

And another strange thing spotted:

when I lost a game (eyes have eaten me), I have run again the game, and I have found that some of the resources were in my base. Probably from last save. Buildings were lost, but resources not. Is it a feature to start faster, or rather a bug (no reset for resources)?

Yup it's all intended behaviour. You have to save the game either by going to the save menu or using the save station,if you close the game before that you will lose your progress. The stash also persists throught playthroughts.

I have retested with new version. Oxygen is fixed. GREAT! :) Now I know that I live. ;)

About upgrade issues: when you close the window you can't use upgraded things AND you can't upgrade them more. Just expand your inventory, save, close the window, open the game again and *magic* you can't use expanded inventory again (only 25 resources instead of 30-something).

Wow,  I never noticed the upgrade bug,thanks for finding out. My results however are a little different. The only upgrade that didn't get saved was the player inventory upgrade, can you confirm that? Other upgrades seem to load fine.

you haven't updated for so long. Why? 

you haven't updated for so long. Why? 

Caught up in uni tbh.

Also aside from some minor bugs,I consider this game finished. So it probably wont be update anymore unless I feel some sudden urge to.