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Hey, I know I'm a new player and I may have missed some stuff everyone else thinks is obvious, but I've got an issue in 0.13.3 in the mouse mines. The (were?) princess in the isolated room interacts just fine until leading you out back into the mine. Then, no matter what I try, she just stands there. Walk to the tower and return however, and the game no longer responds to input. Am I missing something? or is it busted?

Sorry, try to explain again what's happening.
You start following  Werebeast out of her chamber, then into the mines you're in a situation where she doesn't move anymore?

A screenshot showing where she gets stuck would help a lot. Thank you for the report!

She moves this far, then stops. The tower exit is in the northeast corner, which glitches, but the other two exits just resets her back to "Push your luck or One problem at a time". Been running random quests (knights inc.) in the mean time.

Haven't seen a reply, so I thought I'd ask: Did the screen shot help? I still don't know if the bug is on my side (need to reinstall) or yours (typical in-dev oversight). Please understand I'm not harassing (intentionally) or accusing, just asking for an update. If it's my end, I may have more than one program to reinstall. If yours.... well, I'm not new to code myself, so I definitely understand any difficulty.

Did you download the latest patch for v0.13.3? It's on too!
Between the patch notes ( you can see I fixed the issue you mention!

Ah, I already had patch 3...(Patreon), Didn't know didn't quite line up. Thanks.

If it's of relevance, the previous patch gave a txt that read "image not found" when bumping the princess mouse Olivia. Now it gives ERROR: can not find mou1f1 and crashes. Do you have a thread specific to reporting errors? I don't want to drown a others out with stuff like this.

I'm under the impression that you're patching old versions instead.
v0.13 + patch 3

Is a completely different build. You need v0.13.3 and to apply patch 3 to that.

On the title screen you can see the version you're on.

Well shit.....

yeah, didn't catch that.... I got 0.13 from patreon soon as it went public. I'll try 13.3 now.