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Towerfag#4682 on Discord.
Consider that old versions are no longer supported, but I'll try to help you as much as I can.

The Discord works, it's just you cannot write since you've got access only to the "Announcements 'n Stuff" channels. When there's news I can share I'll do just that.

The development is still active (and more than ever, feel free to check, but we cannot release updates until we deal with a lawsuit against us.

Someone reported it to me already, you should be able to read announcements now. Feel free to contact me directly on Discord for other issues related to our server in there.

Right now you should be able to read the announcements section, and that channel will be kept updated with the latest news and ETAs about when we will finally be able to resume releasing updates.

No, when a new version is out, if you supported us in the past, you will be able to download it.

My bad. What about now?

Nobody can. Like I've wrote, all the links for the versions prior to v0.14 are down and won't be back.
We've completely rebranded the game, but before we could release v0.15 to our supporters I've recieved yet another lawsuit we're currently dealing with.

Oh, that's unexpected, you should be able to download the file if you bought the game. Lemme check

It's on the page now!

Oh, and if you didn't already, bookmark

Sorry, like I've posted on Twitter and the Patreon page before the suspension, we're facing one again a lawsuit against us.
We'll manage, in the meantime I'll send out to our supporters on too invites for our Discord chat.

It is, it is. We're just preparing the final bunch of needed costumes to make sure none of those gets cut with the rebrand.

After the rebrand we've discontinues any support and DL link to versions prior to 0.15
So, yes! Definitely wait for v0.15! !

It's not a bug, but yea, we're rebranding, that's why there's no DL link for now.
With v0.15 (will be out during this summer) we'll resume sending out releases often, like before!

The page is back online~

v0.15 links will appear as the new version is ready! I suggest you keep yourself updated on our website!


Here is what's happening!

Keep your Intellect low while raising the rest if you have a Warm Ore on you, or get a Fairy to fly to her castle.
Good luck.

Since I guess you guys can still read the comments here:

a former artist working for me sent us a DMCA (he did already last year on Patreon and we dealt with it). We'll try to get the page back online as soon as possible!

The endings by world-conquering are disabled by default, you can turn them on only with cheats.
Golem still misses a "Route" ending.

It couldn't wait! Bunnies are such cuties...


This IS very important!

Wait, that shouldn't be happening in your current build. Is the Patch 2 for v0.14 the only one in your "Patches" folder?

Noted, it will be fixed for the next patch.

Usually polls start when the previous one is ready.

You can't!

20 is the perfect quota I want to reach before even considering adding more!


There's still 5 free spots, and we vote for them as the previous ones are dealt with. 
Rabbit is about ready and the Patrons in March voted to have Boy and Wyvern Princess in next.

The next poll will see Amazon, Mermaid, Infernal, Orc, Holstaur and Nixie fighting for that spot.
You can see all of them in here

The rules we follow to pick the partecipants are here

No, the plan is to have 20 recruitable ones. With pregnancy, princess mode and procedurally generated stuff is as much as I can realistically manage.

Same build.
Here you get Early Access, no extras such as cheats, monthly galleries and polls, but pay 14,99 just once, while Patreon is for the ones who want to give us monthly support.

Let me tell ya

Who knows what the future holds for her!

No, no patches unless it's state otherwise. I'll release the first one for v0.13.4 soon, and like before it will be called "version name" + "patch number" = "v0.13.4Patch1"

Meet them in the Tavern, Mice Clocktown, Holstaur Bar, Dance Club of Death, Forgotten Gardens or Greenkin Brewery.
Wait for a special dialogue to show and you'll be asked if you want some "sexy time"~

Wyvern and Boy Princess will come after Rabbit~

Not for now, but the Knight will be able to become "client" of the Gazer Prison if he's caught doing illegal acts, so... soon™!

I'm under the impression that you're patching old versions instead.
v0.13 + patch 3

Is a completely different build. You need v0.13.3 and to apply patch 3 to that.

On the title screen you can see the version you're on.