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They need to be enabled at the start of the game (or you can use a Cheat to enable/disable Conquest endings)

Can do.

Yea, I'm aware of that, the final event and recruitment fails to trigger, but it's already fixed for v0.16.10!
Thank you for the report

Like all the best things in life.

If you finished her quest drinking with her should be enough. Send me your save at, I'll take a look!

You probably don't have enough Endurance to resist a drinking night with her!

Make sure the patch (the .rvdata2 file) you can download from (or Gamejolt or Subscribestar) is in your "Patches" folder!

Make sure the patch I've added is in the "Patches" folder!

That shouldn't happen, and I know it happens only to a selected few. 
Where is your game folder located?

You're probably playing on an older save AND you didn't try saving and loading your game at least once, like I've said. Or is it always the same pair of panties giving you the crash?

No problem at all. Thank you!

Yes I'm aware of that!

It's already fixed on the build I'm working on, but can be fixed with patches alone. It won't be a problem anymore once a new build is out.

Oh, seems like the patch missed that one. How annoying, give me 1 minute.

I see the problem, will get patched tomorrow!

That won't happen in 0.16.9 and should fix itself if you load your save at least once before going for panties!

Image result for happosai panties

I'd say there shouldn't be any major issue with anything, provided is 0.16+.

If you have issues with old savefiles just send it to me, I'll see what can be done!

Yes, I'm aware! Don't worry, it's already fixed for the next build.

20 main Princesses ruling their Reigns around the Kingdom, at least 2-3 times that number of secondary Princesses, usually without a Reign, without their own route, but adding spice to the Kingdom.

I plan to make it wide and tall, there's no reason not to. Desert was one of the Princesses with the less content, she's getting a lot of it right now, while Scarecrow (which took me only 2 days in order to have her becoming recruitable), won't get any for a while.

I totally see your point but I'm 100% serious about reaching that "wide and tall" goal.

About "after recruiting desert p": you're probably talking about when she joins you to free Sphinx Princess. She's there with you only as a temporary party member, that's why you cannot drop her out.

I'll try to trigger the flight bug you reported, thank you!

I see, it seems to be happening only with the custom Mouse Princess. Thank you, I'll have it fixed.

placeholders for animations about to be replaced! This being one of them

Those ones are currently getting replaced!

I know, the Brothel will be reworked from scratch soon, I'll not touch it until then. Then you'll become Little Finger, like you dreamed of.

Yea, it happened when you wore the Monastery Tunic or Green Deceit and pressed Ctrl to raise the shield outside combat. It will be fixed in the next build, ty for the report!

Oops, to fix a minor thing I broke that.

Naked royalties will be back soon.

Found the problem, it happens when there's one of the staple NPCs in the Clocktown. It's fixed now, I'd suggest you enter it only when the NPCs are gone, maybe after waiting a couple days.

Looks strange. Mind sending the save file to

it's probably one of the rotten eggs from versions prior of v0.16.6. There's no saving it!

Or fight one of them :P

I've noticed that, but left it alone.

Can't be done on VX Ace, unfortunately.

There is, you should try heading South, around the witch's hut area.

Maybe you already have 5 Progeny outside the "Box". In that case they get sent directly into the "Box" itself!

That used to happen with pregnancies being delivered in the Campsite in versions prior of v0.16.6

If it happened again, unless you're talking about eggs, but that doesn't seem the case, let me know!

Yes, Ive got it.

The solution I've tested seems to be working, do you have a savefile with beebs and fluffy as larvae?

Oh, I can fix that no problem, thank you for the report!

Hello! Where, exactly?

Yes, pretty much. I'm just testing things though.

Those are old eggs you got before v0.16.6

Those eggs are screwed, or rather, scrambled, I suggest you don't hatch them. There should be no issue with new eggs though.

Send me the savefile to with the crash message and when/where it happens if you like.

From foreigner to foreigner: thank you for the compliments, we'll keep doing our best!