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Ah, I already had patch 3...(Patreon), Didn't know didn't quite line up. Thanks.

If it's of relevance, the previous patch gave a txt that read "image not found" when bumping the princess mouse Olivia. Now it gives ERROR: can not find mou1f1 and crashes. Do you have a thread specific to reporting errors? I don't want to drown a others out with stuff like this.

I'm under the impression that you're patching old versions instead.
v0.13 + patch 3

Is a completely different build. You need v0.13.3 and to apply patch 3 to that.

On the title screen you can see the version you're on.

Well shit.....

yeah, didn't catch that.... I got 0.13 from patreon soon as it went public. I'll try 13.3 now.