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It keeps coming up on Mac and PC, but only when uploading to a certain channel. It keeps working until I push to that channel (osx-universal), and then the bug keeps appearing.


Thanks for the additional info. Are you seeing the same issue with butler v10.4.0 ?

You can download it from:

Also, can you upload what you're trying to push somewhere else so I can try to reproduce the issue? Thanks!


Also, please let me know

  1. Which operating system you're using, and which version
  2. The complete output of the butler push command (if there's any more lines when the error is displayed: that would be really useful).



I tried pushing exactly the contents of osx-universal again to the same channel, and it worked fine:

I did this test from Linux though - if you're uploading some Windows and there are symlinks involved, things might be different.

I have additional questions:

  • Are you pushing a folder or a .zip file ?
  • How long does it take for butler to fail with "unexpected EOF" ?
  • What's the CPU usage like while you're waiting for it to finish? Close to 100% or close to 0% ?

I downloaded the older version and it worked!

I used the channel osx-new and make sure that the file was not a zipped one. 

With the newer version, it would be about 5-10 minutes of the progressbar stuck at 100% until the program glitched out for another 5 minutes.




Alright, I'm going to try and find the bug, because if you had it with the latest master, then the next stable release will have that problem too!

Could you respond to my other questions to help me figure out the source of the bug? Thanks!


Command:  Desktop/ tetrastudios/project-tetra:osx-universal

Operating System (I also tried on High Sierra and Windows 10):

I'll try and give you the other info later. 




Thanks for all the additional info!

I see you're pushing to new channels in the meantime: I would recommend not doing that, as users who installed the older channel will have to redownload the full version instead of just applying the patch. I'll let you know as soon as I'm able to reproduce the issue, find out what caused it, and push a butler update for you.


Wait, so the first time it failed for you, you were pushing a .zip? Can you upload that exact .zip somewhere and link me to it? (A draft page works for me, just give me the URL once it's up)


Note: if you do upload the .zip to an page, use the regular web upload, not butler - I need the exact same file you used to reproduce the issue.

It does not work:

butler push Desktop/ tetrastudios/test4butler:osx-universal

That is how the issue happens: I think it's a combination of a zip file and osx-universal.


Now I really want to take a look at that .zip file :)

Can you use web upload to put i on the test4butler page, so I can download it as-is and test pushing it myself? Thanks!

Hi! I have to use google drive, as the file is 2.44GB. The link is here:

(Anyone viewing this later, you can download my game here at:

Thanks for suggestions on my game page! I'll put them into the download info now.


Thanks a ton! I'm able to reproduce the issue just by extracting the zip:

I'm feeling extremely relieved because this means it's just a simple issue with the zip format, and not with the push command itself :)


After a day of investigation, I'm very convinced that this .zip file is invalid: there's details over at

However, in the process, I discovered that butler was rejecting other files that are valid, so I fixed that :)

I've added the `butler auditzip` command to make it easier to investigate those cases in the future.

For now, I'm really curious though - what software produced this file? What was your exact process? Because it's not even just a "rare variant", it's just plain wrong :)


Also, here's what I recommend for the game:

  • Always push folders, not .zips
  • Push them to osx-universal and delete any other channels you've created when trying to work around that bug (so everyone gets delta updates)
  • If you encounter any problems pushing in the future, post here instead of creating another channel!

Quick update: I'm not able to reproduce the error right now, pushing (what you pushed to osx-new) to (an equivalent of the osx-universal) channel from linux with the latest butler works just fine:

I'm going to try it all again from macOS with the exact version you mentioned.