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This is very silly.  Awesome.  Thank you for the lovely game :)  [It ain't easy! Still working through it...]


Thank you for playing and thank you for the great game engine too!



I have an idea for a few new features that could be useful in PuzzleScript, especially for some of the more challenging games!


The MOVEMAX feature allows the creator to put a cap on the player's allotted moves in each level (if put before the level code) or for the entire game (if put in the  prelude of the game.) If a player were to have bypassed the average move count of a level's solution, this could trigger some code that would allow them to skip it (using the win command) or to show them the solution (see below for my suggestion on how to do that.)


The SOLUTION command allows the creator of the game to record themselves solving a level (maybe using the same system that you made for recording GIFs in the editor!) and trigger the solution to play, say, when a player has been stuck on a level for quite some time. This will show them how to solve it and let them move on with the game.

(I don't know how easy it would be for you  to make these features, but I would really appreciate it if you did!)

I would like to put these features into my PuzzleScript game Megaban (see link below) so that people won't get stuck on  a level and quit in frustration or boredom.

What are your thoughts? (On my ideas and my game)



This would be far better suited as an email than a comment on an arbitrary Puzzlescript game