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Oh absolutely, I would enjoy that buff.

ye megataire's super easy (comparatively) lol

"You need a 4 card to make a group of three cards average out to 4" is plainly incorrect. 1+5+6=12, 2+3+7=12, 2+5+5=12, 3+3+6=12.

Ironic that you must break in order to fix.

Doesn't it literally say "for some levels you may need to unlock more characters to do the team challenge" in game? But yeah, it'd be nice if the game were clearer on how the team challenge star works.

Oh dangit, that spoiled a solution for me. That's the one level I haven't solved and I forgot that mechanic...

I won second try on the current seed! Neat. I imagine if this were expanded, there'd be more cards with unusual targeting (like the one that *technically* targeted a number but literally did nothing to it), maybe even cards that mess with the words instead of the numbers?

Going back to the prelude's final level after beating the full game and trying to see how close to a working solution I could get is fun.

I was hoping it'd "corrupt" the save data in ways that can progress the game

Just gonna rot13 to be on the safe side here, no puzzle solutions spoiled but some Funniness spoiled, I guess?

V'z fgvyy gelvat gb fbyir Hygvzngr Qbbe Ybtvp naq V ernyyl jvfu gurer pbhyq or n jnl gb trg evq bs gur sybjre crgnyf... be, crgny sybjref? Gurl trg va gur jnl bs gur qbbef cerggl bsgra, RFCRPVNYYL vs V'z gelvat gb fperrafubg vg gb chg va ZF Cnvag. Nyfb, vg'f cerggl qnat oevtug naq gur sybbef ybbx cebonoyl gbb zhpu yvxr gur jnyyf ng gur gbc. Abg pbaqhpvir gb cresbezvat hygvzngr qbbe ybtvp.

The config lets you make it easier to pet baba

Also, I managed to get one tree to be longer while still solving the level. So that's cool.

In which we commit deforestation in the name of christmas

I... think I found all 4 smilies. I honestly lost count somewhere around 3.

Glad I have Valve's ability to count.

I felt so smart after figuring out the last level. Also I was absolutely terrified when chapter 3 started. There is so much complexity that can introduce.

Ohhhhh, I didn't get what happened in 51 at first but now I do. Cute

Oh, cool. Thanks!

I feel like I must've missed a log or two. It'd be nice to have some way of knowing whether you've found everything besides the map.

Other than that, I really enjoyed this! Especially the seathorns; they could be their own game honestly.

Can't tell whether this is a joke or a bait. At least, I hope it's one of those two...

I don't think I ever once wanted to shorthop. With that said, I personally think every jump should be a full jump. That could also create interesting puzzles where because you can't shorthop, jumping has a risk of hitting a ceiling door.

Are... are you pressuring them to make more levels for this entirely free game? You're not entitled to more levels.

This would be far better suited as an email than a comment on an arbitrary Puzzlescript game

I think most web browsers can run raw html offline, which puzzlescript can do

If I had to guess, it's probably actually power of forgetting whatever false assumptions you made by taking a break. Very powerful puzzling tool

Hmm, I didn't expect "delete" to be difficult, though I think "string substitution" is by far the hardest one in the game... so far ;)

Glad you enjoyed it!

Ah, but which way would an elephant wear pants? Jokes aside, "pant" wouldn't really make sense and I wanna avoid adding more letters. I was planning to add "heat" which could burn tape away and "path" which could pave over tape, but did neither for the jam version. I might add "heat" but make elephant and friends invulnerable to it.

No, all you need to know for level 18 is that you can spell 'elephant'.

It doesn't seem like it would be incredibly difficult to fix, do you have the source code

Uhh... I know you probably don't care, but trying to push an elephant and then trying another direction (even if it's the opposite direction) makes that other direction easier...

Uhh, the robots can merge together... is that intended?

I'm glad I can help! Regarding the weld cooldown, yeah there was a reason I put "perhaps" there.

I think the main problem with the 5-door level (aside from how incredibly tedious it is) is that it just feels like 5 separate normal puzzles, probably catalyzed to some extent by the fact that having multiple yellow doors in one level has only one level associated with it, if I remember correctly.

If you intend for the later levels to have no boxes, I would think it'd make more sense to have useless key parts scattered around than wooden boxes; maybe roundish chunks of metal, idk.

Unrelated, but maybe the red doors should have something to visually distinguish them from the yellow doors other than color?  I'm not exactly sure how hard colorblindness would make this game right now, but it couldn't hurt.

(1 edit)

I was having fun up until red doors were introduced. Not because the red doors weren't fun or anything, but aside from the tutorial, it didn't seem like they were used at all? Like, I literally never needed the pieces in the giant level or the other one with a red door after that. Also, throughout the whole thing, I spent way too much time pushing boxes. It makes me sad, since there seemed to be many more ways to interact with the pieces that weren't explored. So, I guess my suggestions would be:

- Chill on the boxes. Heck, maybe even remove them altogether. As it is now, it feels more like Box Genocide Simulator than Key Forging Puzzle Game.

- Reduce level size. A lot. That should help prevent some of the tedium that came with the larger levels, ESPECIALLY the one with 5 red doors. (Seriously, why did that exist?)

-Perhaps along with that, remove a stage or two of the iron being hot to accommodate the smaller level size?

- Try to focus the levels on funny interactions, like the last level before the red doors (although it seems weird to me that that one had two at once?)

I know this is really critical, but I really do like the idea, and as I said at the start, I was having fun, despite the excessive box murder. I do hope you'll come back to this and revise the levels at some point!

Uh-oh. I didn't think I'd get on the leaderboards... and, uh, you can probably see why.

Yeah, the empty room in Dragon is way too much of a difficulty spike. It should definitely be saved for later.

Puzzle Juggle Trouble community · Created a new topic Speed

I'm having a lot of fun with this game! The one problem I have (other than lag) would be: speed levels.

The fact that in Arcade Mode, speed is for lines and complexity is for squares makes it so that doing both is kind of suicide? In addition, I don't really think speed levels fit this game. I find Time Trials to be a lot of fun without them.

If you do keep speed levels, please find a different way to implement them.

Got it, cool. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Fun game, really enjoyed! A few suggestions:

Mouse OP, pls nerf. (Legitimately, though, mouse is just WAY too easy to use.)

The sound for hitting your side is really weird. Wouldn't it make more sense for it to be kind of a clacky sound rather than a whoosh?

It seems like the ends won't bounce if you don't hit the wall with any speed, which is pretty janky. Doesn't happen often though.

Achievements! Something like "beat a level without banging your side" or "collide X times in 5 seconds". I think it would give some nice replay value.

Perhaps different types of terrain, or physics-affected terrain?

Things I would like to see more of:

Shortcuts. Spices up speedrunning and is just fun to attempt!

I like the song choice! Really ensures the player won't get frustrated. I could try to make a song for this game, if you want?

The level design somehow manages to amplify the fun of the main mechanic! Not sure how you pulled that off, haha, but keep it up!

I disagree, the bouncing is fun! Once you learn to control it, it's very useful too. I do agree on the speed limit, however. Perhaps they could not have an explicit speed limit, but instead make it harder for them to pick up speed the faster they go?

The splitting was probably really hard to program in the first place, so it's completely understandable that more than half the glitches are because of it.

Great fun to play! However, I would like to mention a few bugs and oddities:


1: If you die close to your spawnpoint, you get extra time before the enemies move.

2: The walls' collision is way rougher than that of the enemies.

3: The enemies don't have a speed limit. They probably should.


1: When splitting, enemies can get trapped inside other enemies. This leads to erratic movement that is actually quite fun to play against. Rarely, these enemies are so similar in size that they forcefully eject each other at lightspeed. <Personally, I would be delighted to have a mode where one fights against these, or even possibly a fight editor that allows these.>

2: Alternatively, when splitting, enemies can interlock. This usually leads to them forcefully ejecting each other at lightspeed across the arena.

3: Another thing that can happen when splitting is a red ring either disappearing immediately or flying off the screen, causing the enemy to remain both oddly shaped and invincible. 

4: Sometimes, the bullet will go directly through the enemies without damaging them. This happened way too many times.

5: If your bullet is too close to the wall when you leftclick, you may find yourself blue for a very long time. Every time I encountered this glitch, I managed to escape. Once I won a stage using this glitch.