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Recent community posts ;-)



It's solvable without the two stars in front of the door.

Thanks! Maybe I found your solution.

i thought it over again. i was wrong to judge it unfair. it's a great game no matter which one is intended.

my solution is the screenshot below.

it's fair and hidden. very interesting.

but kuchiwo found another solution. it's seems unfair to me.

i want to know the intended solution.

I am impressed to see the moment the last two levels are solved. I actually thought no one could solve them. and I love the music. thanks for the cool video!

Sorry for the late reply. There are several versions of puzzlescript.

has level selector by Pancelor

has resolution settings, external fonts, etc by Auroriax

has music editor by Competor

It's 15 in total. The level selector counts message screens.

Thanks for the feedback! The goal is to place the yellow box on the gray pedestal. I like the idea of not specifying the goal. But I will see if I can add some more hints.

Thanks! I'll try to improve.

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Thanks! Refining the difficulty curve and space are  important issues.

Thanks! I really appreciate feedback on the difficulty. And glad you like level 6.

Thanks! I will improve the tutorial and add check for beaten levels.

The last level is great!

Everything from start to finish is amazing. I want to play more levels.

Thanks for playing! The second tutorial has a hint :)

Yes, it's unintended. I will fix it. Thank you for your report!

That’s quite a compliment! So happy you enjoyed :)

Thanks for playing :) I am considering an update on visibility. I will improve it as much as I can.

You seem to have found another solution. I'm stuck in trying to figure out how to fix it :( Anyway thanks for your report.

Your creativity and good level designs always amaze me :D

Thank you!

Those pink things are very useful :)

So cute and challenging! I love the art and the idea.

投稿ぎりぎりに作った問題だったので質を精査する余裕がありませんでした。そうでなくても、自分で作った問題の良し悪しを自分で判断するのが苦手です 笑

What a yummy twist! I'm stuck on Ex right now. Very difficult and fun. It reminds me the days when I struggled with Cosmic Express.

Push the heart onto the square symbol to win.

Thank you😊

Thank you for playing! 9問目は採用するか迷った問題です。楽しんでもらえてよかった!


Kawaii! Tanoshii! Muzukashii! Very satisfied😄

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Glad you like it. Unfortunately, puzzlescript only supports html.  My current knowledge doesn't meet your expectation.

Thank you :)

Thank you for playing and thank you for the great game engine too!

Amazing! I think the solution you found is interesting.  I leave it as an extra for those who were not satisfied with 15 holes :) Very glad you enjoyed!


What great news! Your excellent commentary is already more than enough. The only thing I can add is that the Japanese title is a parody of a famous Japanese game. (This is unimportant information. There is no need to actually add it.) Anyway, I'm not sure of my English, so I can't give a more accurate comment than yours XD Thanks a lot!