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Pretty interesting game, once I got round to reading the instructions and understanding what was going on it was pretty fun. I still never managed to get more than half way up though, is the colour cycle just random, I feel like I would need a lot of luck to be able to get to the top, but maybe i missed something.


Thanks for playing!  Yes, the squares are randomly generated - as well as the next player color - but we added abilities to avoid almost all unwinnable situations.

Yeah the idea of a prebuilt beginning to the level that helps the player understand the mechanics was on the mind, but.. time haha. This was our 3rd game for this jam, as the first two ideas were too large. haha

The map is random, but almost always possible. Especially if you use the abilities.
I know I'm too close to the game to have a fair opinion, but the abilities make it very very easy to get to the top haha.

Thank you for the comment! Did you get around to playing with the theme options? 


Seems i missed half the features on my first play through, did not notice the double jump, the abilities, or the themes. Played again did it a bit better but still no where near the top. Would adding a full screen option or larger play screen, because its pretty tiny and difficult to see whats going on sometimes, also sometimes i found it difficult to see what the non-active block colours were (maybe just my slightly colour blind eyes) , so found myself dying a lot. Also sometimes the level layouts end up with walls of the same colour that are difficult/impossible to get through which is annoying, maybe after random generation break up any long chains of the same colour). I still thought the underlying mechanic was a cool idea and pretty fun just currently a bit frustrating.


Thats something I ran into too.  Currently redesigning the tiles so that each color is clearly represented even when inactive.  Also, playing with the idea of levels with different heights to reach for completion - so players don't feel defeated by failing one screen over and over.  Thanks for the feedback.