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:) glad you had fun, thanks for playing

thanks, I think if you select another one or click again on the same tower it goes away, but yeah thats a bug. Probably the best way to get rid of it is post here and shame me to go back and fix some bugs :D. Thanks for playing.

Seems i missed half the features on my first play through, did not notice the double jump, the abilities, or the themes. Played again did it a bit better but still no where near the top. Would adding a full screen option or larger play screen, because its pretty tiny and difficult to see whats going on sometimes, also sometimes i found it difficult to see what the non-active block colours were (maybe just my slightly colour blind eyes) , so found myself dying a lot. Also sometimes the level layouts end up with walls of the same colour that are difficult/impossible to get through which is annoying, maybe after random generation break up any long chains of the same colour). I still thought the underlying mechanic was a cool idea and pretty fun just currently a bit frustrating.

Pretty cute (as pico-8 games always seem to be) With the way the firing works you can really mow them down when they get close though, which feels a bit unbalanced, although it is fun. Final score 3090

Pretty interesting game, once I got round to reading the instructions and understanding what was going on it was pretty fun. I still never managed to get more than half way up though, is the colour cycle just random, I feel like I would need a lot of luck to be able to get to the top, but maybe i missed something.

wow that is cheap :). Guess I'll leave any updates for a post jam version. Thanks for the feedback

thanks, what gamepad/controller were you using out of curiosity? I only tried with xbox360 controller which works with the left analogue stick mapped, I could map the D-pad on that also, maybe that would do it. Not sure if updating to add that now would breaks the rules though. Would be nice to support more traditional style input devices generally in the future though. 

Played for a while but was confused about how to make progress, where is my father? If its the big grey area, my yellow bar doesn't go down at any point to show i'm handing the energy back to him Whats the bar at the bottom of the screen? Rnjoyed the music and look, just confused by the mechanics.

Really liked the art style and feel and always  happy to have a controller/gamepad focused game,  on Dying the level select and quit options don't seem to work though, when I thought I had completed a level it seems I just dumped back to the home screen so it wasn't very obvious if I had completed it or not.

Lol nope that shortcut in level 7 is a bug I had not noticed, but its actually quite cool, I quite like the idea of hidden routes for this kind of game, if I make more levels or another game like this in the future maybe I will put them in intentionally. Yeah in retrospect I agree having more than one or 2 stages in each level probably makes it more frustrating than fun, so probably bad design. Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for the feedback, yeah I tested all levels are beatable, at least on my machine ;). Although Level 8 I still did not complete the whole level in one go. I put the level select option so people can skip any if they get stuck though.

Thanks - Controls are better for me now, although for me best would be hold down once = once move, keep held down for like 2s get the old style movement until release instead of needing a menu click. This is what I have seen in other similar style games (usually old ones) . Also it seems its possible to get stuck with no mana to explore further and no way to pick up more mana in the currently viewable screens ? also occasionally it seems it gets stuck on the generation stage.  Will have to play again as I still didn't get to the temple.

After I get the double jump i get stuck, the platform above the checkpoint lets you fall straight through it, not sure if that was where i was meant to go, also there is quite a long delay after releasing arrow key before you stop moving that feels a bit awkward and makes me fall off the edges quite a lot. Like the style and the idea though.   

Love the aesthetic and would have really liked it, but found the controls a bit awkward kept overshooting, it seems to be turn based so just making a single press move once step would have solved it for me, probably would have made it easier for me to see what was going on with the combat also. Noticed a small bug, in full screen the menu buttons don't seem to work. The 4 styles of terrain is nice, but would probably just randomly choose one on restart, because i would not think to change it otherwise.

Loved it, nice art and a fun and interesting mechanic. Did not really like having to restart from the first level on game over though.

Really enjoyed this once i tried the later stages where the challenge was at the right level. I got confused by the missed shots take a life mechanic, i thought it was buggy till i reread the description. Probably just need some more visual feedback when that happens.  Also was getting quite a bit of slowdown at times which was  a shame. 

Loved the NES style, but too tough for me. It took me a while to realise the the movement was only in lanes, but still couldn't get past the first stage. Had fun till the frustration factor was too much for me

Excellent, had a lot of fun, completed all levels,the addition of having some objects mouse movable was an interesting additional puzzle element.

Really enjoyed this, completed all levels. Hit the minimalist brief really well, but still felt polished and fun to play

Oh that is meant to be a clock, it tells you week (day). Since all things, resource production etc happen on a daily timer.  Its not really very relevant most of the time though.

thanks for the feedback, yeah my vague plan for the future would be to expand out the kind of things you can build, I hadn't thought anyone would be too interested in really large maps, but I am working on random map generation and was planning to give options for size, so I will try and include a really large option.