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Thanks - Controls are better for me now, although for me best would be hold down once = once move, keep held down for like 2s get the old style movement until release instead of needing a menu click. This is what I have seen in other similar style games (usually old ones) . Also it seems its possible to get stuck with no mana to explore further and no way to pick up more mana in the currently viewable screens ? also occasionally it seems it gets stuck on the generation stage.  Will have to play again as I still didn't get to the temple.

The game is design to force the player to switch to other terrain type to beat the game... that saying it's still unbalanced right now. I set the spawn rate high enough so it can be beatable most of the time, but if the RNG god isn't with you, it's quite possible to get stuck indeed.

I have some idea to improve and add more contents, so I might keep the game updated for a while!