Submission open from 2017-12-23 06:00:00 to 2018-01-02 06:00:00
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Most games have some really dope pixel art but that isn't always necessary for you to make a great game. The goal of this jam is to focus more on game mechanics than art.


  • The game must be made within the allowed time period
  • No nsfw
  • If you can have an html version of your game that would be great :)
  • Have fun and don't worry to much about ratings

Art requirements

  • All the colors throughout the whole game combined shouldn't be more than 10
  • Each sprite should not contain more than 2 colors
  • Particles should not contain more than 2 colors at most
  • Each texture/background should not contain more than 2 colors
  • Music and sound effects should also be minimalist(nothing to crazy or over the top) but that is up for interpretation
  • In general all the art in the game shouldn't be to detailed
  • No pixel noise
  • You can use transparency to some extent
  • Gradients are allowed but no more than 3 objects/sprites/backgrounds in total with a gradient and the two main colors from the gradient count towards the 10 color max.