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Hey there, Your assets are incredible and I was hoping to learn if this asset pack would be available for download?

Nicely done! Smooth mechanics

Can we use 4 colors and b&w?

Thanks, could be a fun one!

If we don't hear something soon then I'm in.
Suggestion: Control the world, not the plater. 

Thanks for playing out game! I'm really glad you liked it.

Unfortunately I will not be working on this game. The spaghetti code in this one would be a nightmare to try and work through XD. But I will be around for more Trijams to come!!


Some polish would have definitely helped. If we do a platformer for another Trijam then I'm gonna scale down the mechanics and put more time into a esthetic. 

You're asking a lot for a 3 hour development =P

But you're totally right. 

I never played megaman all that much, and my homie who did the art/music chose the concept. Movement acceleration is easy to do... But again, time haha. 

I would have loved to have a scenario that taught the player the environment/enemies, but this was a lot to implement. Had to scrap the planned enemy mechanics and do what was simple. 

There's no health bar, so everything is 1-hit-kill by design. The checkpoints somewhat make up for it, but I could have added more. 

Thanks for playing and I appreciate the feedback! 

I totally intended to implement a hold-button movement XD my bad. 

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you share my opinion of the end screen =P
I made a standalone simulator if you'd like to play around with it.

I'm so glad someone took the time to get to the end-screen! Thank you for playing my game :D
The theme grab is loose, at best haha. The cells are considered to be "alive" in Conway's Game of Life, and the purpose of this game is to avoid the living. A stretch to call that evil.. or to call this game fun.. XD but I was just looking for an excuse to programming GoL =P

I've sense made a standalone simulator, with the ability to make some hella-neat patterns. If you liked the end-screen then you'll surely love this!

I don't have a VM or Bootstrap, and Macs cannot run .exe files natively :(

Under download it says there is mac support, but I only see an .exe

What file do I run on a mac to play this? The thumbnails look great!

Many thanks! It was a fun little project :)

very PacMan, much enjoyed :)

Puzzlescript looks interesting, but it seems a bit too limiting for my liking. I use GameMaker to make heaps of styles of games, so even though it's a bit overkill for a basic puzzle, I always appreciate the practice =P

Could be fun to learn PuzzleScript and make tutorials for it tho

This is the first I've heard of puzzlescript, but I'll certainly look into it. 
I didn't have time to play-test much, but I noticed the same issue on my friends computer when he played it after submission. I'll have to look into the issue as I have no clue what the problem is haha

Much Love! If I had found out about the comp sooner then I would have had a few more levels. I have roughly 30 designs laying around somewhere haha. 

I've put some thought into a custom map builder. Reading this is getting me to consider that more and more <3

Thank you so much for that! I was hoping for that exact response :D:D

Never been more sad to have a web browser that does not support WebGl =(
I'll be on my desktop later and will definitely give this a try. Love the art!

*Inserts second amendment joke*
Super nostalgic. Great job!

There is nothing behind. 

Over 50! Well done. I loved it. Only on lvl 20 for now, but after I check out a few more submissions I'd like to come back and beat them all!

Simple and clean!
Got stuck in orbit around a star and first and was hella confused haha! Also trying to play on a trackpad, which is no bueno =P

Much enjoyed!

Yeah the idea of a prebuilt beginning to the level that helps the player understand the mechanics was on the mind, but.. time haha. This was our 3rd game for this jam, as the first two ideas were too large. haha

The map is random, but almost always possible. Especially if you use the abilities.
I know I'm too close to the game to have a fair opinion, but the abilities make it very very easy to get to the top haha.

Thank you for the comment! Did you get around to playing with the theme options? 

Part one had the block that could be  dragged. Not sure if it's on my end, but ive hovered the mouse over the entire board and found nothing =P
I'll play through again. Could have been a bug?

Reminds me of an old miniclips game. Fun until the level with the big gap (part 2). No clue for the player or introduction of sprint/double jump.

thank you so much!!!! <3

With a minute to spare I clicked submit game and my gaem in my itch dashboard wasn't on the list! A minute later the submission closed...
This is the game..

I often stream my game jams on twitch. If anyone else does the same then drop a link so we can check each other out and maybe even set up a multi-twitch?

Game Maker for this cat. But I’m learning Godot so I will be using that for some future jams

take that as a challenge for yourself. Relying on a theme seems like an issue that would be good for you to tackle. 

If you need, write down a handful of your own theme ideas and pick one from a hat. 

there are many jams that have themes. You can pick from the lot :)

Holy shit dude.. this is amazing! Fun concept, fun mechanic, nailed it!

(1 edit)

that’s some solid advice, thanks! Might look into that after the upcoming Minimalistic Jam

Does the background music play for you? 
It works on my PC but not on my Mac... =/

We did Ludum Dare (40) a couple weekends ago... totally failed. haha
And we're doing the Minimalistic Jam next weekend! On that grind!!