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Progress so far =D

A topic by LLamaze created Dec 17, 2017 Views: 150 Replies: 13
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So, how you folks doing =D?
this is some stills of what we have so far:


good luck


oh boy that looks cool


I love it! Just woke up and saw the submission and I’m excited to try it out. This male was much needed tho haha. 


thank you =D

althought i didn't understand the "this male was much needed tho" XD


Roh.... I have no idea what I meant to say. I've been quite out of it the past few days! XD

hahahahaha, i understand, game jams have this way of making our brains tired jelly XD


We did Ludum Dare (40) a couple weekends ago... totally failed. haha
And we're doing the Minimalistic Jam next weekend! On that grind!!

Oh my! you are a very brave person, hahahah, well, good luck!!

and try to rest!

Eu gosto da arte que vocês fizeram ^^

(1 edit)

Si voces tem o HOLINTOJIN DUNGEON em português Você pode ENVIA-lo?


oi, brigadão =D
e desculpa, só temos em inglês mesmo =/