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Thank you =D! and yes, pvp i think is better, we made the AI a little bit to ... frenetic XD

Love this kind of aesthetic! but i couldn't control it very well, the physics seem a little off XD. Anyway, awesome idea

damn, i'm really bad at this one, think my reflexes are not good enough, hahaha, cool concept, and always glad to make more hot dogs for people out there XD

Very interesting concept, i like the mix of "legend of grimrock" style (don't know the name of this genre) with hot dogs XD

Ok, i loved this one, hahahaha! very ""mystic"", never knew you could have a introspective feel to hot dogs XD

hahahaha, very cool, i thought i was goign to be the guy fighting off the pidgeons, but is actually the other way around XD interesting mechanic/gameplay having to controlo how strong you try to get the hot dogs =D

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haahahha, poor sad hot dog, my clientes are not satisfied with me XD cool art, and very enjoyable

thank you =D

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=DDD cool
but we are almost finished anyway XDDD! hope it helps some folks! good luck jammers!

maybe find time to tune some stuff =D

hahahaha, poxa, não tinha como eu saber XD
mas nossa, quantas línguas, parabéns pelo aprendizado =D

oh, is ok, english is also not my main language (i speak portuguese =D).  and I'm also using Gamemaker XD

welll hum... dunno
always thought "Start from scratch" means starting from 0. but hey, if it meant using scratch i'm way off and my project is wrong XD

well, we are doing everything from scratch, but most times people accept it  you use scripts you have already used in other projects ^^

So, how you folks doing =D?
this is some stills of what we have so far:

hey, i'll be using #hotdogjam to show our progress on twitter, if anyone else want to use it it would be cool, see other people's progress and such =D