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A jam entry

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Do you identify as a brick in space? I know I sure do!
Submitted by Abrexas (@Abrexas) with 3 hours, 1 minute before the deadline

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When was this project originally started? (Year; Optional)
Yikes, hard to know for sure. 2013??

What was the original vision of your game project and how it turned out now once you resurrected it? (Optional)
The very first attempt had over 30 unique levels, but many were lost throughout the various refactors. Nothing was as polished or as satisfying to play as this one though!

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Very nice idea, and the way you introduce the mechanics through the levels works really well. It's been a while since a puzzle game "clicked" in my brain so well!


Thank you so much for that! I was hoping for that exact response :D:D


This is great!  I hope you continue to add levels (and maybe even a way to create/share custom boards?) because the core gameplay is spot-on.  Very nice job, and thank you for resurrecting this project!  :^)


Much Love! If I had found out about the comp sooner then I would have had a few more levels. I have roughly 30 designs laying around somewhere haha. 

I've put some thought into a custom map builder. Reading this is getting me to consider that more and more <3


Thanks for the game ! I liked the puzzles very much. Have you ever considered making a game on puzzlescript ? On my browser the sound became a little buggy after few minutes playing.


This is the first I've heard of puzzlescript, but I'll certainly look into it. 
I didn't have time to play-test much, but I noticed the same issue on my friends computer when he played it after submission. I'll have to look into the issue as I have no clue what the problem is haha


Puzzlescript looks interesting, but it seems a bit too limiting for my liking. I use GameMaker to make heaps of styles of games, so even though it's a bit overkill for a basic puzzle, I always appreciate the practice =P

Could be fun to learn PuzzleScript and make tutorials for it tho