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This is great!  I hope you continue to add levels (and maybe even a way to create/share custom boards?) because the core gameplay is spot-on.  Very nice job, and thank you for resurrecting this project!  :^)

Excellent, I'm watching now.  So many cool games!  (Sorry mine gave  you  such a hard  time  ;^)

Very nice!  Great artwork and it nails (sorry) those two themes!

Thanks!  I'm really glad it made you want to keep trying; it hits that spot for me but it's really difficult to gauge how others will react.  An easier first level is a great idea! (I originally meant to make more than 3 levels anyway.  :^)

Very nice!  I always enjoy games-as-art, something with a message.  I love the contrast from the inviting home, through the bland "JOB" building, then into the completely lifeless rat maze within.

Thank you!  I sometimes have trouble telling what's interactive or not while playing games, so I did my best to make at least that much obvious.  :^)

Thank you!  I'm so glad you had fun!  I made the music on my 3DS (korg m01d) a while back, and it sounded jungle-y enough that I thought this was the time to use it.

I tuned in too late to see most entries, including my own.  Will you be making the video available?

Thank you for playing!  Yes, people's reactions tend to be anywhere from "this is hard" to "I give up".  :^)  The movement could indeed use polish, but it is actually entirely predictable -- letting go at the far reach of a swing gains the most distance and height.  Of course, expecting people to figure that out via experimentation might be cruel.  (evil grin)