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Dance of Bullets – Bullet Bash EditionView game page »

Bullet-hell shooter with a simple format for levels & bosses. Make your own bullet-hell without programming knowledge!
Submitted by madve2 (@madve2) with 8 hours, 25 minutes before the deadline

Play bullet hell shmup

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When was this project originally started? (Year; Optional)
I worked on it around 2012-2013, mostly driven by the fact that there weren't many games in the bullet-hell genre on the PC outside japan at the time. (And / or they were hard to access.) This isn't an issue anymore as Steam became more open to submissions, so I slowly stopped developing DoB – but I've always been meaning to pick it up again sometime.

What was the original vision of your game project and how it turned out now once you resurrected it? (Optional)
While I failed to create the engaging, varied campaign I imagined for the game (with superb music and great sound effects, of course), there's one aspect of DoB that feels unique to me: its flexible, highly extensible and easy-to-create format for levels, enemies and bosses, that could make it possible for everyone to create their own bullet hell shmup without programming knowledge of any kind.

And I can safely say, the prototype I released for the jam holds up to this promise! (But if you are not into creating your own levels, the included 3 levels are also fun!)

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Looks really interesting ! Is there a chance to see port for OS X ?
Congrats for finishing in time by the way, it should have been a lot of work.


Thanks, The Attic's a Dungeon looks really cool too! :)

Back when I was actively working on it, I put a lot of time into its development, but when I dusted it off over the weekend I was surprised how easy it was to put all those half-finished parts together to something playable for the jam!

It's based on MonoGame, but I use some Windows-specific APIs fot the level format – so all in all, porting to macOS and Linux should be possible, but challenging. (I personally don't have a Mac, but the game is open source, so anything can happen ;))