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Would've liked some kind of finish screen, instead of the game just exiting.  A chance to restart.  

I enjoyed the driving mechanics as wacky as they were.  Screen shake didn't bother me much.  Some kind of indication where the closest spirit is located would be helpful.  Never found the exit in the few times I played.

Excuse some of the placeholder art.  I bit off a little too much with animations.

Thats something I ran into too.  Currently redesigning the tiles so that each color is clearly represented even when inactive.  Also, playing with the idea of levels with different heights to reach for completion - so players don't feel defeated by failing one screen over and over.  Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for playing!  Yes, the squares are randomly generated - as well as the next player color - but we added abilities to avoid almost all unwinnable situations.

Great game.  Immediately loved the mechanics!

Seems fun but couldn't figure out the controls and kept getting killed. Cool background music.

Glad that we finished in time.  All feedback will be put to good use.  Enjoy, everyone!