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You are a notorious grave raider. Stealing dead souls, surrounded by vengeful spirits.
Submitted by PhilipL — 1 hour, 1 minute before the deadline

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Talking points of your game
Its a spooky racing game. Made with gms2. You are a grave raider who steals the spirits of dead people. Its a mix of a racing game and a collectathon with horror-ish elements.

You are a notorious grave raider. Stealing dead souls, surrounded by vengeful spirits. You control a car driving around a big open graveyard ​searching for souls. After every soul you collect, more diffrent spirits wil try to hunt you down, trying to kill you. You have no other choice rather than dodging or running away. Once you have a respectable ammout of spirits you can choose to exit.

What Assets did you use?
All self made, most sounds were made with Some lines of code were taken from a previous shitty prototype I made, in 20 minuttes: . It's a prototype I had wanted to expand on for ages.

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I played your game as part of a Let's Play of this game jam! 


Very cool, thanks a lot for playing


Really fun and creative but unfortunately I couldn't get all the souls. One of the parts where the grave is surrounded by a triangle of trees was a bit annoying because I'd keep bouncing around unable to leave, basically guaranteeing that I'll get hit.

I liked the responsive controls, sounds, animation and variety of enemies and levels. It's a bit difficult though, especially in tight corners.

Developer (1 edit)

thanks for playing. The game wasn't really made for someone to collect all the souls. (But if you do your'e damn good) the triangle was more or an easter egg more than anything. I focused more on the secound to secound gameplay, atmosphere and the creepy/spookyness.


Well, you definitely succeeded on accomplishing some of your main objectives, I think.


Destruction was juicy and satisfying. I liked how every retry felt different.


Thanks a lot. That's was more or less what i was going for.


Overall a good looking and fun game. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the somewhat excessive screen shake. It might have been better if the screen shake on the normal graves was less intensive, and have more screen shake on the special graves.


Thats true, seems the screen shake overall was a little overboard. Thanks for playing and for the feedback :)


Good game. like the retro graphics and waa sound.   stole 8 poor souls


Would've liked some kind of finish screen, instead of the game just exiting.  A chance to restart.  

I enjoyed the driving mechanics as wacky as they were.  Screen shake didn't bother me much.  Some kind of indication where the closest spirit is located would be helpful.  Never found the exit in the few times I played.


Glad you enjoyed it. The exits and entraces are the same, and yeah i should have added some indications on nearby souls and the closest exit. 


I can see the amount of effort put into this game but...its just that for me,the movement and collisions were both the most fun and frustrating part of the game.

Fun,why?Its really hard to describe.

Frustrating because of the rotation speed,bouncy collision and that GODDAMN screenshake.