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Are you using Firefox? I tested just now in both Chrome and Firefox: Chrome is working fine, but Firefox has an issue if you don't strip the colour profile before uploading.

no, i am on a chromebook (my other computer is updating) does the PICO8 font work? that might be my problem!

oh, you have to use a very specific image layout for this to work: if you want to use the PICO-8 font, you'll need to first make a template in Fontsy with the intended width/height/character set, then copy the characters over from your PICO-8 image and re-import it (there's important data encoded into the grid borders of the layout Fontsy uses that tells it how to parse the characters)

ok, thanks!

I mapped out some of the PICO-8 monospaced font, but only the 3x5 characters from the exclamation point onward. I'm sure you could expand on it tho!


thank you <3

thank you so much :)