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The executable isn't signed so you may have to enable untrusted apps. Tell me if it still doesn't work, I packaged it on linux so I wasn't able to test it.

I don't think that's the problem. I can usually force it to open an app by right-clicking and choosing Open. The icon for little-world has a big 'no' symbol over it, which I've previously only seen with old apps that are no longer supported by the OS.

Yeah, I ran into the same problem. I managed to get around it by right clicking one the app -> Show Package Contents -> Contents -> MacOS -> right click on "love" and select 'open'


I think it's a very interesting game, even if, for now, I can not play it. It reminds me of a comic strip: "the 'little man line" or something similar that I saw when I was young on TV. OK! Of course: it certainly works. But I had few time to enjoy myself; I may be more lucky!